New Materials and Advanced Materials

Volumes 152-153

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Pei Kang Bai, Yu Xin Li

Abstract: Nylon 12 composite powder with low melting point prepared by the method of solvent settling out as the basis material is modified with basis...

Authors: Shi Jie Fang, Qiao Han, Yu Qian Zhao, Chun He Zang

Abstract: In-situ TiC particle reinforced iron based composite was further processed using quenching, and the effect of heating temperature of...

Authors: Bin Bin Yu, Jun Tang Yuan, Xiao Qiu Hu

Abstract: Stating and analyzing the two existing microminiature manufacturing technology, an integrated innovation technology is proposed, based...

Authors: Yan Bin Liu, Qing Hua Ji, Xiao Chao Sun, Jian Hai Han

Abstract: Kinematics and ground plane trajectory tracking motion plan of an unmanned bicycle were researched in this paper. For the unmanned bicycle...

Authors: Jian Jun Wu, Wen Zhen Fu

Abstract: On the fitting process simulation, the dangerous area related with buckling or tearing phenomena is identified with special colors and...

Authors: Peng Zhang, Gang Chen, Bin Guo, Shu Kang Cheng

Abstract: The current research explores the effect of alternating magnetic field on corrosion rate and products compositions of 45 steel, by use of...

Authors: Wang Jiao Yuan, Yun Xin Wu

Abstract: To predict the three-dimensional residual stress distribution of 7075 aluminum alloy thick plates, the quenching and pre-stretching process...

Authors: Ke Feng Tan, Qing Cao

Abstract: An experiment was undertaken to investigate the effect of mineral admixtures, w/b, external chloride solution concentration, and carbonation...

Authors: Chun Dong Zhu, Fei Guo, Bo Wei

Abstract: Gearbox sliding bracket is an important component of Automobile Gearbox. Because it has many parts which have little difference in shape and...

Authors: Ya Long Liao, Xi Juan Chai, Fu Chang Xu

Abstract: Pd/C catalyst was used to eliminate chlorine compacted in shellac while it was being bleached with sodium hypochlorite in alkaline solution...


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