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Authors: Ren Guang Wang, Bin Wang, Han Wen Sun
Abstract:To find transient braking factor changing model affected by its three main operation factors. A type of drum brake of passenger car was taken...
Authors: Jie Liu, Jian Lin Li, Ying Xia Li, Shan Shan Yang, Ji Fang Zhou, Chao Feng Zhang
Abstract:Specific to the improvement in the present research of mechanical response under cyclic loading, this paper, taking the calcareous middle-...
Authors: Xu Chang, An Zhi Yan, Chun An Tang
Abstract:The paper presents a numerical investigation of mixed-mode crack induced failure of concrete beam strengthened with steel plate. Both the...
Authors: Yun Cai Zhao, Dong Ling Yu
Abstract:Based on the research of the tribological properties of the Ni60A/MoS2 composite coating, this paper has studied and discussed the...
Authors: Hong Bing Guo, Shuan Fa Chen
Abstract:Numerical Simulation of the Reflective Crack Propagation Path for Open-graded Large Stone Asphalt Mixes
Authors: Dong Lian Chen, Shao Mei Ma, Hui Cheng Yu, Ai Qun Yuan, An Ping Liao, Jian Wu
Abstract:Thermal decomposition kinetic reaction parameters of KZn2(PO4)(HPO4) was investigated by non-isothermal measurement used in a multivariate...
Authors: Ju Hua Huang, Ming Cao, Hang Guo
Abstract:The performance of power lithium batteries directly affects the performance of electric vehicles. To ensure the safety of power lithium...
Authors: Qing Zhang, Quan An Li, Xiao Tian Jing, Xing Yuan Zhang
Abstract:The effects of yttrium on the microstructure and mechanical properties of magnesium alloy AZ81 have been investigated by alloy preparation,...
Authors: Hua Lan Zhou, Sha Wu, Zhong Zou, Qin Qin, Wen Jian Shi
Abstract:Heterogeneous photocatalytic materials, titania–phosphotungstic acid nanocomposites in the mesopores of SBA-15 (TiO2-H4PW12O40/SBA15) were...
Authors: Shi Chao Xu, Heng Miao, Yue Qian Yang, Juan Yang, Ji Mei Zhang, Zhao Dai, Guo Zheng, Bo Sun, Shu Qing Sun, Chu Liang, Hao Luo
Abstract:Quantum dots (QDs) are normally based on the semiconductor materials and widely used in biosensing, bioimaging, biolabeling, and biotreatment...
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