New Materials and Advanced Materials

Volumes 152-153

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shao Min Song, Juan Hong Liu, Lin Wang

Abstract: With the increasing demand for high strength concrete, more attention has been paid to the problem of high viscosity mixture in high...

Authors: Jian Rong Xiao, Ai Hua Jiang, Ye Guang Liang

Abstract: Copper nitride thin films were prepared by reactive radio frequency magnetron sputtering at various substrate temperatures. The surface...

Authors: Jun Shen, Rong Qing Wei, Ying Liu, Xiao Ning Liu, Yu Zhong

Abstract: This study investigates the thermal degradation of poly(L-lactic acid) (PLLA) oligomers into L-lactide(LA)by modification of the oligomer...

Authors: Xian Liang Zhou, Min Zhu, Xiao Zhen Hua, Zhi Guo Ye, Qing Jun Chen

Abstract: Various structure scales at the surface of SS400 hot rolled strip were fabricated by heat treatment processes involving different...

Authors: Chao Huang, Hong You Li, Hao Ping Zeng, Yu Ying Shi, Kai Yong Jiang

Abstract: An experimental study of bipolar pulse electroforming nickel is presented in this paper. Based on the principles of electric double layer...

Authors: Jin Yu, Hui Zhen Yang, Fang Qiu Zu, Wei Xu

Abstract: The electrical resistivity of liquid PbSnBi alloy has been precisely measured by the Direct Current (DC) four-probe technique in our...

Authors: Yan Li, Jing Tao Han, Yong Jun Zhang

Abstract: A drilling and compression method was designed to produce samples with artifical inner crack. According to the morphology, two types of...

Authors: Shan Shan Li, Li Chen, Ya Nan Jiao

Abstract: Six different kinds of fabrics were weaved using the 2.5D woven fabrics with warp-stuffer, The three point beam test method was employed to...

Authors: Ke Gao Liu, Ai Min Xu, Dong Xiang, Bin Xu

Abstract: The mixed structures of bainite matrix, austenite and nodular graphite were obtained in nodular cast iron treated by controlled cooling and...

Authors: Zhen Zhong Sun, Zeng Hong, Sheng Gui Chen

Abstract: By using homogenous coordinate transformation principle and Denavit-Hartenberg analysis method, a measurement kinematics model and a error...


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