New Materials and Advanced Materials

Volumes 152-153

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: He Ying Bian, Yan Hui Wang

Abstract: The paper built electro-hydraulic position closed-loop sampling control system based on PLC, established mathematical model of this system...

Authors: Shi Yin Li, Zhen Ni Du, Yong Cai Zhang

Abstract: A novel template-free method, which was based on heating the mixture of InCl3•4H2O and thiourea in air from room temperature to 200 or 250...

Authors: Chun Rong Wang, Zhu Fa Zhou, Yan Jie Li, Ran Ran Tian, Xiao Chun Dai

Abstract: Spherical α-Fe2O3/Ag core/shell nanoparticles were prepared by reducing Ag(NH3)2+ with formaldehyde using the seeding method. 3-...

Authors: Huai Wen Wang, Qing Hua Qin, Hong Wei Zhou, Hui Miao

Abstract: Damage initiation and propagation in unidirectional glass fibre reinforced epoxy matrix composites under tension load were simulated in this...

Authors: Wei Li, Wei Jia Gao, Ping Chen, Bao Lei Sun

Abstract: A near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR) technique has been applied for rapid and nondestructive quality determination of glass/epoxy prepreg....

Authors: Xiong Wang, Yin Lin, Jin Guo Jiang

Abstract: The homogeneous multiferroic BiFeO3 nanoparticles with average particle size of 85 nm have been successfully synthesized by a simple sol-gel...

Authors: Hui Juan Li, Liang Xu Cai

Abstract: To reduce weight and improve strength in the aerospace industry, composite structure connected by glue has gained popularity as a...

Authors: Lei Yang, Yao Guang Qi, Xu Hu Ren, Xin Fu Liu, Lan Lin Du, Fen Na Zhang

Abstract: Friction material in the future will be towards the low-noise, low wear debris, no poisoning and environment-friendly trends and direction....

Authors: Wei Su, Shan Shan Wei, Shun Qin Hu, Jian Xin Tang

Abstract: Stable nano-silver colloids with highly pure silver were synthesized by using polyethylene glycol as solvent, stabilizer and reducing agent....

Authors: Zhi Qiang Zheng, Xin Gen Xiong, Ke Ming Chen, Bo Jun Lin, Xu Wen Li

Abstract: The tube spread around strong cooling technology is new technology of the making semisolid slurry and semisolid billet in Semi-Solid...


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