New Materials and Advanced Materials

Volumes 152-153

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yuan Liao, Ju Hua Huang, Qun Zeng

Abstract: In this paper a novel method for estimating state of charge (SOC) of lithium ion battery packs in battery electric vehicle (BEV), based on...

Authors: Jun Zhao, Han Zhang, Zhi Wang, Hong Yan Zhai, Quan Xing Wen, Min Wang, Yu Wei Gao

Abstract: A new type of in-situ composite nano-multilayer plate with ultra-high strength (b 2112 MPa), Q235 steel plate with nano-layered structure...

Authors: Wei Liu, Shi Fu Chen

Abstract: P-N junction photocatalyst NiO/TiO2 photoexcited by visible light was prepared by sol-gel method using Ni(NO3)2•6H2O and tetrabutyl titanate...

Authors: Xi Hong Li, Wei Li Li, Ya Ge Xing, Yun Hong Jiang, Yu Long Ding, Pei Pei Zhang

Abstract: The effects of a novel nano-ZnO coated PVC film on physicochemical quality and microbiological changes of fresh-cut ‘Fuji’ apple were...

Authors: Mei Zhang, Peng Cheng Zhai

Abstract: In this paper the spline subdomain approach is applied to the 2D simulations of the temperature distributions for composites containing a...

Authors: Xi Ping Zhu, Zhang Xin Guo, Xiao Ang Cao, Xi Zhe Zhi

Abstract: Experiment studies are carried out on the stitching reinforcement of composite laminates containing a circular hole. The tensile strength...

Authors: Wen Cai Xu, Dong Li Li, Ya Bo Fu

Abstract: The printing and packaging properties of ordinary Polypropylene (PP) materials were modified by self-made nanometer silicon dioxide (SiO2)...

Authors: Xian Gen Han, Xian Yong Wei, Xing Yong Wang, Robert A. Shanks

Abstract: New series polymer-bounded manganese complexes were synthesized and their potential structure was investigated. Their application in the...

Authors: Xi Hong Li, Ling Yan Ge, Jing Wang

Abstract: The insecticidal effects of the insecticide based on the mixture of porous starch and fennel essential oil was investigated. Its...

Authors: Ya Ge Xing, Xi Hong Li, Qing Lian Xu, Juan Yun, Wei Li Li

Abstract: Effect of PE materials on environmental temperature, frost accumulation and electricity consumption of mini store-room prepared with the new...


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