Advanced Manufacturing Technology, ICAMMP 2010

Volumes 156-157

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Bin Liu, Wei Zhao, Su Chang Ma, Chong Ning Li

Abstract: The numerical controlling simulation of process indicates a mapping of NC machine tool in the virtual environment, and it includes the...

Authors: Wen Qin Du, Qi Lai Su

Abstract: The color of samples changed after illumination in the light from a high pressure mercury lamp, when depositing WO3 thin film on polyester...

Authors: He Jun Wang, Hui Xia Liu, Zong Bao Shen, Wei Li, Yuan Yuan Zheng, Xiao Wang

Abstract: The spall phenomenon has been a subject of constant interest for many years, and it is still widely investigated in various ways including...

Authors: Jian Feng Di, Jie Xu, Wen Qin Du

Abstract: Due to its excellent performance, special style and variable function, coated fabric is used more and more widely by the public. At present,...

Authors: Jian Yi Kong, Si Qiang Xu, Gong Fa Li, Jin Tang Yang, He Gen Xiong, Guo Zhang Jiang

Abstract: Heat-treatment was emphasized for its important role to qualify the products of heavy rail, and induction quenching was one of the widely...

Authors: Li Nan Zhu, Yong Jun Wang, Lin Zhang

Abstract: Some catalytic materials can be utilized in environment pollution treatment. The material of ceramisite can be used in dye wastewater...

Authors: Xu Hui Sun, Jia Qing Cheng, Lin Sun

Abstract: In order to make full use of sunlight and improve photocatalytic degradation efficiency, a new rotary solar photocatalytic reactor with...

Authors: Zheng Li, Lei Jiang Yao, Xiao Yan Tong

Abstract: Corrosion of ocean engineering structures leads huge economic loses each year. Corrosion protection technology has already become a very...

Authors: Wei Gao, Lu Yu Zhang

Abstract: The landslides from the instability of slopes are very serious geological hazards. The one key issue to compute the slope stability is the...

Authors: Jian Shi, Quan Liu, Dong Sheng Wang

Abstract: Interactions between ferric species and silica have been shown to play a large part in the coagulation of suspensions. These effects are...


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