Advanced Manufacturing Technology, ICAMMP 2010

Volumes 156-157

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xi Qu Chen, Jian Xiu Su, Hong Shen, Zhan Kui Wang, Feng Shao

Abstract: A double strand silk semi-automatic machine was designed. The numbers, length, twist, rotation direction and speed of the double strand silk...

Authors: Jie Zhang, Zhi Jia Xu, Yuan Li

Abstract: Subassembly has an important role in aircraft manufacturing. There are different shop orders at different periods, so subassembly system...

Authors: Xiao Qing Guo, Li Jun Qu, Guo Jun Han, Ya Ning Sun

Abstract: Adsorption of dye from dyeing wastewater had been investigated using cross-linked chitosan beads as an adsorbent. The chitosan adsorbent was...

Authors: Zhong Xiao Li, Wu Kun Fan, Jia Ling Pu

Abstract: A modified phenolic resin containing tertiary amine oxide was prepared via a two-step method. Epoxy phenolic resin, F-48, was reacted with...

Authors: Zhong Zheng, Hai Ou Zhang, Gui Lan Wang

Abstract: In this article, a drawing die is researched in order to obtain the dynamic load and stress distributions and determine the potential...

Authors: Liang Hsing Chou

Abstract: Waste rubber crumbs were partially oxidized and used as additives of mortars and have shown promising results in this study. SEM was used to...

Authors: Hai Yan Zhu, Qing You Liu, Xiao Hua Xiao, Jia Jia Jing

Abstract: In order to reveal the physical mechanism of air hammer drilling process, using the finite element methods (FEM), a three-dimensional (3D)...

Authors: Mei Fang Du, Gui Lin Lu, Tuo Zhou, Ning Pu Hou, Zhong Xiao Zhang, Gao He Wu, Ying Zhang

Abstract: This papers deals with the study of the fayalite with high content of iron in the initial layer of coal ash, using the generalized gradient...

Authors: Hai Yan Zhu, Qing You Liu, Xiao Hua Xiao, Jia Jia Jing, Chao He

Abstract: Based on the failure mode of air hammer bit, a mechanical model of the tooth on the inclined plane is established. And then a new air hammer...

Authors: Yan Hong Zhao, Min Sun, Shu Wei Wang, Wen Ming Tong, Xiao Jing Wang

Abstract: The Ba doped tantalum oxide (Ba-Ta2O5) particles were synthesized using low temperature hydrothermal method. The phase structure of samples...


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