Advances in Building Materials, ICSBM 2011

Volumes 168-170

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Ping Guo, Wei Sun, Qing Yu Cao, Jin Yu Zong

Abstract: Cracking is the most common damage in the secondary lining concrete because of its continuous thin-walled structure, potential surrounding...

Authors: Cheng Ling, Lan Zhou, Fan Gu

Abstract: Pavement performance evaluation is a reasonable safeguard for the conservation plan and an important basis for investment decisions. In...

Authors: Feng Yu, Jing Yu He, Zhong Miao Zhang

Abstract: Prestressed concrete pipe piles have been increasingly used as deep foundation structures for decades. Despite the availability of a limited...

Authors: De Xin Liu, Li Tao Yao

Abstract: Chemical flooding is a promising method of enhanced oil recovery through improving the oil displacement efficiency. The surfactants can...

Authors: Shi Guo Xiao, Jing Yang

Abstract: A double-row anti-slide pile system can effectively control large landslide thrusts within a large-scale talus landslide. In such a system,...

Authors: Min Yang, Yan Xie, Ying Pang

Abstract: Stabilized soil is widely used as road base and sub-base materials, and is sometimes used as covering for waste matter in China. In soil...

Authors: Hai Feng Liu, Wei Wu Yang, Jian Guo Ning

Abstract: The dynamic compression experiments of reinforced concrete are carried out by one-stage light gas gun apparatus which subjects the...

Authors: Hong Bo Guan, Qing Xiang Wang, Bing Feng Ruan

Abstract: This paper presents the results of the experimental program and analytical modeling for performance evaluation of the eccentrically loaded...

Authors: Xiang Qiu Wang, Zhi Guo Zhou, Yu Hong Zhang

Abstract: According to the geotechnical conditions, A FEM model has been established to analyse the mechanical characteristics of the highway tunnel...

Authors: Zhi Yong Liu, Yun Sheng Zhang, Guo Wen Sun

Abstract: The knowledge of the microstructure is a point of major importance to understand the transport, mechanics, creep and shrinkage properties....


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