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Authors: Xiao Hong Liu, Ye Feng Li, Jian Xu, Jun Zhou, Xiao Ping Lu

Abstract: Using silkworm (Bombyx mori, Dazao strain) as material, the fluorescent pigment of mulberry, silkworm blood, silk gland, cocoon shell,...

Authors: Zhong Hua Pan, Cheng Liang Gong, Xiao Jian Zheng, Rui Guo, Wei De Shen

Abstract: With the development of the PCR technology, especially the improvement of its reagent and a method of pebrine detection by PCR in infected...

Authors: Bing Li, Yan Hong Wang, Ju Mei Wang, Wei De Shen

Abstract: Acetylcholinesterase (AChE, 2 EC, encoded by the ace gene, catalyzes the hydrolysis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine to...

Authors: Hong Xian Zha, Yan Fang Yu, Yan Yun Wang, Shan Shan Sun, Zheng Guo Wei, Bing Li, Yu Hua Chen, Ya Xiang Xu, Wei De Shen

Abstract: Serpins can block different steps in the activation cascade of prophenoloxidase (proPO) system, and play an important role in immunity of...

Authors: Wen Qian Liu, Li Li Zhou, Mei Su, Xu Juan Chi, Jian Zhong Tan

Abstract: To elucidate the physiological mechanism of mulberry fruit ripening in protein level, differential proteome expression of mulberry fruits...

Authors: Ting Liang Wang, Zhi Ping Wu, Hai Ling Wang, Wen Qian Liu, Yan Yan Liu, Jian Zhong Tan

Abstract: In order to investigate the differential expression of proteins related to pupation in silkworm, the fat body proteins were extracted from...

Authors: He Yu Zhang, Wei Chen, Tai Chu Wang, Jin Zhu Liu

Abstract: Mulberry trees (Morus spp. Moraceae) are used for rearing the silkworm. Moraceae plants are characterized by the presence of latex, and...

Authors: Ahmad Malik Manzoor, Shaheen Kamili Afifa, Nabi Malik Ghulam, Majeed Sofi Abdul, Lateef Khan Irfan, Ahmad Ganie Nisar, Ahmad Malik Firdous, Sabhat Awquib, Farhat Iqbal Qadri Syed

Abstract: With the Development of New Technologies in Silkworm Rearing though Sericulture Has now Emerged as a Main Profession and a Major Cash Crop...

Authors: Yan Hong Wang, Bing Li, Dong Wang, Hua Qiang Zhao, Zheng Guo Wei, Wei De Shen

Abstract: The cytochrome P450-dependent monooxygenases play an extremely important role in metabolic system involved in the catabolism and anabolism...


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