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Authors: Yuan Jing Wang, Yu Qing Zhag

Abstract: The sericin coated around silk fibroin fiber is a natural protein-based polymer and presents a layered structure. According to the...

Authors: Jun Sun, Kai Tao Wang, Jian Jun Wang, Chuan Xiang Qin, Li Xing Dai

Abstract: Solvent-water suspension free-radical polymerization method was used to synthesize acrylonitrile(AN)-acrylamide(AM) copolymers in this...

Authors: Rong Liu, Feng Zhang, Bao Qi Zuo, Huan Xiang Zhang

Abstract: Electrospun Silk-Fibroin (SF) mats were fabricated by electrospinning with regenerated Bombyx mori silk-fibroin/formic acid solutions. After...

Authors: Hui Ying Wu, Bao Qi Zuo

Abstract: Silk fibroin modified viscose fiber (SFVF) was a new fiber with silken handling and luster, which was produced via adding silk fibroin (SF)...

Authors: Kui Hua Zhan, Lun Bai, Guo Ping Guan, Hong Qin Dai

Abstract: Based on our experimental data of neovascularization of porous silk fibroin films (PSFF),in this study we characterized the formation of new...

Authors: Zhen Zhen Zhou, Yu Qing Zhang

Abstract: Silk fibroin derived from Bombyx mori is a biomacromolecular protein with outstanding biocompatibility. When it was dissolved in highly...

Authors: Li Li Feng, Jian Fei Zhang, Hui Luo, Zheng Li, Hong Jie Zhang

Abstract: The paper concentrated on the optimization of the recombinant strain BL21 (DE3)-PE7-Nit. The component of culture medium and the culture...

Authors: Ji Wei Huang, Feng Zhang, Bao Qi Zuo, Zhi Hai Fan, Huan Xiang Zhang

Abstract: Artificial nerve conduits (NC) can be used as an alternative to autologous nerve grafts to enhance the repair of small nerve gaps. Many...

Authors: Yun Hui Xu, Chen Huang, Lun Bai

Abstract: The cactus is a kind of abundant foliage used for the Chinese medicine, which has special physical-chemistry properties and physiological...

Authors: Hao Wang, Chen Huang

Abstract: It was studied that metal ions affected light-degradation of silk fabric in this paper. The contrast of the weight and the tensile...


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