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Authors: Li Rong Yao, Joo Yong Kim

Abstract: The meta-aramid nanofiber webs were successfully prepared by electrospinning with the solvent system LiCl/DMAc in this paper. The uniform...

Authors: Chao Chen, Yong Ling Yu, Li Hua Lv, Jing Cui

Abstract: The decorative composites composed of silk fabric/PE film were characterized by easy cleanness, corrosion-resistance, anti-oxidation and...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Jian Xin He, Yan Wang

Abstract: Differences in secondary structure among Bombyx mori (B. mori) silk and two wild silks of Antheraea yamamai (A. yamamai) and Antheraea...

Authors: Naotaka Kimura, Jong Chul Park, Byoung Suhk Kim, Ick Soo Kim

Abstract: We studied the effect of gap size on molecular orientation and crystalline structure of theuniaxially well-aligned nylon 6 nanofibers...

Authors: Kei Watanabe, Taiki Nakamura, Byoung Suhk Kim, Ick Soo Kim

Abstract: Recently, we have reported that syndiotactic polypropylene (sPP) fibrous membrane could be successfully prepared from a multi component...

Authors: Byoung Suhk Kim, Kyu Oh Kim, Ick Soo Kim

Abstract: We report the electrospun poly(L-lactide) (PLA) nanofibers incorporating polyhedral oligosilsesquioxane (POSS)-modified multiwalled carbon...

Authors: Hiroyuki Kanai, Hajime Tsuji, Masayoshi Kamijo, Toyonori Nishimatsu

Abstract: In this study, we attempted to produce experimentally a posture correction wear for prevention of 'low back pain'. Then physiological...

Authors: Xian Hua Zhang, Masuhiro Tsukada, Yuji Satoh, Hideaki Morikawa

Abstract: Electrospinning is a scientifically attractive spinning technique, since it can produce fibers with the diameters ranging from the...

Authors: Ildephonse Nibikora, Jun Wang

Abstract: Genetic programming was used to find out a mathematical model for drafting force from drafting process parameters on the drawing frame,...

Authors: Chun Wei Liu, Li Qing Li

Abstract: In this paper, a method of automatic inspection of silk spinning yarn fineness through image processing was developed. The acquired images...


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