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Authors: Lei Shi, Hua Wu Liu, Ping Xu, Dang Feng Zhao

Abstract: Plain weave fabrics of polyacrylonitrile pre-oxidation yarns (PANOF) were prepared by small rapier loom. The flame retardation properties,...

Authors: Hong Jie Zhang, Zhi Li Zhong, Li Li Feng, Ji Guang Wang, Xiao Tong Xue

Abstract: Polypropylene filament was used as the warp yarn, and respectively Basalt filament and Polypropylene filament was applied to the weft yarn,...

Authors: Ju Sheng Qiu, Zhi Li Zhong, Huan Guo, Xun Gai Wang

Abstract: Compared to other spinning system, the ring spinning process has been used to produce higher quality yarns, but with a much lower spinning...

Authors: Shao Wei Wang, Yi Zhang, Hua Wu Liu

Abstract: Pearl-cellulose fiber is a regenerated cellulose fiber, made by spinning cellulose liquid .mixed with ultra-fine pearl powder. This novel...

Authors: Bing Jin Luo

Abstract: The paper proposes a new method to implement 3D simulation for silk fabrics with complicated structure (such as Re-weft texture) based on...

Authors: Hong Jun Cui, Li Jun Li

Abstract: Currently the abrasion and breakage of warp during the weaving process have become the key issue in high-speed weaving of non-shuttle looms....

Authors: Li Na Li, Shi Qi Bai, Ya Qin Fu

Abstract: The aggregation structure of raw silk which influences the mechanical properties of raw silk directly is not only determined by the...

Authors: Zi Min Jin, Ming Shan Fan, Yu Xiu Yan, Li Yu Ma, Ai Ming Sun

Abstract: The style of fabric with flat filament is unique, but the flat filament will twist naturally when unreeling, and which will be showing on...

Authors: Zhi Hua Chen

Abstract: The natural mulberry silk and high-count combed cotton were chosen as raw materials woven into a thin fabric, with classic colour designed...

Authors: Shou Xiang Jiang, Rong Hui Guo, Guang Hong Zheng

Abstract: The present study is performed with an objective to acquire a deeper understanding of the properties of Ag-plated silk fabric. The surface...


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