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Authors: Jian Zhou, Hong Gang Bu, Jun Wang

Abstract: A new feature extraction method for fabric defect detection is proposed, which is based on one-dimensional projection series of fabric...

Authors: Jian Zhou, Li Qing Li

Abstract: Silk fabrics density are usually very high because the silk yarns are finer than spinning yarns, so it difficult to calculate the density...

Authors: Lan Shou Sun, Xiao Ning Guan, Qing Liu, Wei Dong Yu

Abstract: In this paper, our discussion was focused on the design of untwisted fabric and its characteristics, the computer flat and three-dimensional...

Authors: Jun Wang, Han Guang Liu, Jian Ping Yang, Guang Wei Chen, Ting Fu

Abstract: Based on the analysis of the motion of fiber band in compact field, a mathematic model is proposed in this article. The factors affecting...

Authors: Xin Zhang, Yi Quan Xu, Kai Meng, Qing Guan Chen

Abstract: The shape of most raw silk’s cross-section can be regarded as ellipse approximately. Axial length of the raw silk’s cross-section was...

Authors: Jian Hua Sui, Xiao Li Wen

Abstract: The fabrics made of different color values of Lightness (L), Chromaticity (C) and hue angle (h) of warp and weft silks were designed to...

Authors: Wei Ke, Ya Guang Liu, Chuan Wang, Chang Sheng Zhang

Abstract: There are lots of slugs produced in weaving process, which seriously affects the quality of silk products. In this study, red pulse laser...

Authors: Fei Cao, Jian Ping Shi, Xian Yan Liu, Chang Sheng Zhang

Abstract: This study made a discussion of the exploitation and application of home textile bedding data-base design. The target is to closely follow...

Authors: Jian Hua Sui, Li Ding, Cai Ping Song

Abstract: The form character and oblate shape of cross-section of the yarn in woven fabrics are discussed. Various fabric samples are made by using...

Authors: Ming Yan, Xiao Lei Song, Ning Qi

Abstract: The principle and application of two-dimensional code were introduced by the short distribution, and the information transferring of the...


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