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Authors: Xi Yang, Bo Nie, Bing Di Liu, Hai Liu, Lun Bai

Abstract: Empirical analysis on typical product categories, product series and Price Index of every level of single species is made by using classical...

Authors: Xi Yang, Bing Di Liu, Hai Liu, Lun Bai

Abstract: According to the collected data of the market monthly closing price on dry cocoon and raw silk, predictive modeling and analyzing on the...

Authors: Ning Qi, Qing Guan Chen, Yao Xing Jiang

Abstract: To speed up the research pace of domestic electronic testing for raw silk in China, the hardware and software of single-spindle, the general...

Authors: Kun Nan Xiao, Jia Li, Qing Guan Chen, Kai Meng

Abstract: The detection of raw silk defects is important in the quality inspection of raw silk. Electronic inspection is a popular method now for the...

Authors: Fu Chao Li, Cheng Shuai Yang, Kai Meng, Qing Guan Chen

Abstract: Because of the seldom research on temperature and humidity measurement of gas with high temperature and high humidity, workers in steaming...

Authors: Jian Tao Niu, Qi Hu, Jian Mei Xu, Suo Zhuai Dong, Lun Bai

Abstract: Based on the sampling and grading theory of raw silk test, this paper studied the grading theory method of thick and thin defects of the raw...

Authors: Yu Ti Zhang, Yong Mei Wang

Abstract: A variety of stress cracks appear in the garment seam, which affects the appearance and the seam strength. In this paper, the indicating...

Authors: Guo He Wang, Chun Hong Zhu, Cui Ying Xu

Abstract: Based on analyzing the theory of microstrip patch antenna, the article simulates the specification of the antenna in the frequency of 1.575...

Authors: Li Li Zhang, Yan Chen, Xiao Yu Liu

Abstract: With people's increasing awareness of safety and health, the demands of protective clothing for electromagnetic radiation are gradually...

Authors: Xin Liu, Wei Zhu Wei, Qing Guan Chen

Abstract: Traditional seriplane testing method has been used to detect the evenness and defects of raw silk for a long time, the results of which are...


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