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Authors: Lin Liu, Ju Ming Yao

Abstract: In this paper, the cellulose whisker/silk fibroin (CW/SF) aqueous solution with different composition was obtained by a dialysis against...

Authors: Yi Hu, Jing Hong Yuan

Abstract: A hydrophobic bombyx silk achieved by sol coating is characterized. The agent was firstly prepared by...

Authors: Xiao Ying Zhang, Bao Zhong Wang, Min Zhang, Zhi Juan Pan

Abstract: The textured yarn was respectively prepared with pure silk, silk/polyester POY composite filament, silk/polyester FDY composite filament by...

Authors: Wei Bo Guan, Xiao Ying Zhang

Abstract: The denier of raw silk is enlarged by selected high denier cocoon silk and combined silk filament. The silk impregnating agent was mixed...

Authors: Yan Hua Lu, De Hong Cheng, Zhao Dan Yang

Abstract: In order to obtain a water soluble and reactive chitosan derivative, quaternary ammonium salt groups and acrylamidomethyl groups were...

Authors: Kai Wei, Jian Hua Xia, Naotaka Kimura, Taiki Nakamura, Zhi Juan Pan, Guo Qiang Chen, Byoung Suhk Kim, Ick Soo Kim

Abstract: Researchers have paid much attention to small-scale natural fibers among the biological materials to seek innovative methods in order to...

Authors: Hui Shen, Yan Zhu, Xiao Luo

Abstract: The ancient silk fabrics are important signs of the development of textile technology. Based on the micro-sampling, this paper discusses the...

Authors: Li Zhen Tao, Yao Xing Jiang

Abstract: The natural bamboo fiber is a new kind of textile material. It is made from bamboo plant in physical ways. We studied the basic...

Authors: Ming Li Jiao, Kai Yang, Wang Xi Zhang, Wei Pan

Abstract: Mechanical properties have close relation with microstructure. Based on orientation of the molecule chain in fiber, they show a rapid...

Authors: Yu Ren, Jia Deng, Zhi Hong Li

Abstract: In this paper, the polyester fiber surfaces were modified with the combined method of causticization and low-temperature plasma. The effect...


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