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Authors: Wen Li Li, Jian Jun Wang, Li Xing Dai

Abstract: Silk fibroin (SF) and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) solutions were prepared respectively by formic acid and deionized water as solvent, the...

Authors: Rui Juan Xie, Hai Yan Wu, Mei Nan Zhu, Yang Yang Huang

Abstract: An improved method of water-in-oil-in-water (w1/o/w2) multi-emulsion was developed to prepare silk fibroin (SF) microspheres that had...

Authors: Jian Nan Wang, Hong Gen Yi

Abstract: A transformation system was developed for stable germline transformation in the silkworm Bombyx mori L. using piggyBac, a transposon...

Authors: Xin Sheng Zhu, Qiang Gao, Xiao Li Shi, Qian Qian Pan, Xiao Shan Jiang, Ran Tao

Abstract: In this paper, the solvent mixing, polymer blending, multi-walled carbon nano-tubes(MWCNTs) reinforcing, steaming and heat treatments, and...

Authors: Min Zhang, Ye Mei Zhang, Wei Wu, Ai Li Zhang, Zhi Juan Pan

Abstract: Due to the exceptional biocompatibility of spider silk and poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), electrospun PLLA or spidroin fiber mat is one of the...

Authors: Ming Xia Gou, Xu Hong Yang

Abstract: The method of extracting protein from wool was studied for the purpose of reusing the waste wool. The aqueous solution of wool keratin was...

Authors: Qiang Zhang, Ying Dong Cheng, Yu Liu, Shu Qin Yan, Ming Zhong Li

Abstract: The Bombyx mori silk fibroin gel with three dimensional structures is an important form to be developed for tissue engineering materials. In...

Authors: Yi Yu Wang, Ying Dong Cheng, Yu Liu, Hui Jing Zhao, Ming Zhong Li

Abstract: Silk fibroin hydrogels is an important morphous of biomaterial. As a natural protein collosol, purified native silk fibroin solution can be...

Authors: Guo He Wang, Li Ping Sun, Shu Ming Ma, Jian Fang Zhou

Abstract: Habotai silk was hydrolysis-aged by HCl and NaOH to study the change of its crystallinity, orientation, tensile mechanical properties,...

Authors: Shen Zhou Lu, Xi Long Wu, Min Qing Luo

Abstract: Silk hydrogels have mechanical properties and structural features that are similar to load-bearing soft tissues, and can be implanted for...


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