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Authors: Bing Li, Yan Hong Wang, Ju Mei Wang, Wei De Shen

Abstract: Acetylcholinesterase (AChE), which contains two subfamilies, ace1 and ace2 in insects, was identified to be the target of organophosphorous...

Authors: Guo Dong Zhao, Yi Ling Zhang, Rui Xian Wang, Si Si Zhao, Ran Peng, Bao Jin Su, Bing Li, Yu Hua Chen, Wei De Shen, Zheng Guo Wei

Abstract: In order to explore the roles of Bombyx mori glutathione S-transferase gene (BmGST) in detoxification and resistance to insecticides, we...

Authors: Rui Na Gao, Ting Zhang, Si Si Zhao, Bing Li, Yu Hua Chen, Wei De Shen, Zheng Guo Wei

Abstract: The present study was undertaken to clarify the change of induction of CYP4M5 and CYP4M9 expression level by rutin. In this study, we used...

Authors: Ran Peng, Bao Jin Su, Guo Dong Zhao, Xing Ji, Si Si Zhao, Ting Zhang, Rui Na Gao, Rui Xian Wang, Wei De Shen, Zheng Guo Wei

Abstract: The Bombyx mori serves as model organism among the Lepidoptera insects. In the post-genomic era, in order to study gene function, the...

Authors: Hiromitsu Nakanishi, Subaru Okimi, Makiko Watanabe, Midori Takasaki, Hajime Konishi

Abstract: Mulberry (Molus alba L. and other plants of the genus Morus) has been cultivated in many Asian countries such as China, Korea, Japan and...

Authors: Min Qing Luo, Cen Cen Zhang, Shen Zhou Lu

Abstract: The transparent water-insoluble silk fibroin(SF) films were casted from the mixture solution of silk fibroin and xylitol/mannitol. The...

Authors: Wei Wei Yao, Zhi Wu Liu, Hong Gen Yi, Jian Nan Wang

Abstract: An attempt to change the structure of silk fibers and their properties for the biological application was studied by utilizing gamma...

Authors: Yang Liu, Jie Li, Zhi Juan Pan

Abstract: Electrospining technique is one of the hotest topics all over the world. The main form of the electrospun products is generally nonwoven...

Authors: Hui Jing Zhao, Ming Zhong Li

Abstract: Silkworm silk has been recognized as a satisfactory biomaterial for long time due to its exceptional biocompatibility, biodegradability,...

Authors: Biao Wang, Rui Juan Xie, Qiong Wan, Yang Wang, Yang Yang Huang

Abstract: To improve the physicochemical properties of calcium phosphate cement (CPC), silk fibroin (SF) in the different forms were added into CPC....


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