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Authors: Qi Hai Zhou, Yan Li
Abstract: Electronic commerce is the products of the development of Internet and information technology in the twentieth century. It makes commodity trading changing dramatically, not only to shorten trading hours, transactions faster, but also greatly reduce the transaction costs of commodity transactions. As a rapidly developing e-commerce industry, logistics and distribution system has become an unavoidable bottleneck to E-commerce Businesses. The efficiency level of logistics and distribution system is the key to the success of e-commerce, the currently logistics problems plaguing the e-commerce are: high cost of delivery of goods, high storage costs, imperfect distribution channels. In this paper, discuss how to build a value of the galaxy in which e-commerce businesses as the core member, thereby strengthening and improving contact to commodity suppliers, service providers and customers. Format a harmonious and win-win situation by mutual promotion and common development to solve the logistics problems of the e-commerce business development constraints.
Authors: Min Wang, Hua Tao Peng
Abstract: In the process of evolution in Start-up Enterprises, its social networks will often occurred Mutations phenomenon because of environmental changes, the changing conditions, the reverse direction, management of error, etc. This paper analyzed the evolution in social network of Start-up Enterprises through the basic concepts of the theory of mutations, definition of mutations in Start-up Enterprises′ social network evolution, and the using of swallow-tail mutation theory; proposed countermeasures of how to make full use of social network to facilitate Start-up Enterprises timely and accurately identify mutations, take measures, reduce the loss which mutations brought.
Authors: Yi He
Abstract: At the background of archives blog on Internet, this paper constructs a directed complex network model, and analyzes the network characters such as degree distribution. To verify its efficiency, we collect blogs’ information and set up a complex network..From the analysis result of the simulation and demonstration network, we know that they have the same characters, which show that, the virtual society network has small-world effect and scale-free character compared with real society network. The results indicate that the establishment of archives blog is favor to spread rapidly archives information, improve information sharing efficiency and promote the development of archives technology.
Authors: An Yuan Deng
Abstract: As there are many kinds of logs and format, and it is difficult to view and manage the logs, how to view and manage the logs efficiently and effectively has become a crucial issue. At the same time, it is important for the log manager to get the record of user operation and system running, how the log manager view and manage these records proper is of particular importance. However, design and realization of the log management system for IP network storage (StorLog) has solved these problems. StorLog supports kinds of logs, like system logs, web logs, file system logs, storage logs and etc. It can protect log files effectively, rotate logs automatically, support remote backup and recovery, and support advanced research. The practical application shows that StorLog can not only view logs efficiently and manage and storage system logs conveniently, but also it is simple in function and easy to install and use, therefore, it greatly improves work efficiency and resource utilization of system.
Authors: Hao Hao, Bian Zhun
Abstract: The pressure of financial turmoil and global competition drive domestic manufacturers to seek additional profit space besides low-cost labor and raw materials so that they could gain more competitive strength than the other companies in the world. The article maintains that in the manufacturing outsourcing environment domestic manufacturers could effectively reduce cost, shorten R&D cycle time and improve product quality in the manner of collaborative product development with outsourcing suppliers. With supply chain management and synergy theory, the article makes analysis of the definition for supplier collaboration, and then summarizes main activities of collaborative product development including specification, concept design, detail design and product design. Meanwhile, collaborative product development shall satisfy 6 key preconditions. Based on this, the article brings forwards the mechanism of collaborative product development, which is concerned with 5 phased key activities and collaborative manner from customer requirement to initial operational testing. Eventually, predict that collaborative mechanism need to be further analyzed under industry background From the beginning of the 21st century, the variation of macroscopic and microscopic environment that the global industrial field has faced was far fiercer and much more difficult to forecast than ever before. Now mass manufacture can only be accomplished by close cooperate with outsourcing partners, because of the new globalized manufacture network is becoming more and more digitized, decentralized, virtualized, intellectualized and agile. In last few decades, Chinese production has won innumerable outsourcing orders by the advantage in low cost and flexibility, which built a solid foundation of the trade surplus of China. However, in the past two years, because of the financial crisis, RMB appreciation, prices of raw material shy rocketed, and the rigorous quality and service requirement which customers always asked, the profit margin of Chinese manufacturing businesses become much smaller than ever. If these manufacturing companies keep going as before, the existing advantage they have would be soon eroded. Therefore, from ideality of supply collaborative, if these outsourcing companies can build a close relationship actively with their supplies who could significantly affect the total cost of these outsourcing companies, by using the advantages and experience these supplies have, they can design products cooperatively, save cost from the beginning, shot the development stage, and create a significant positive impact on the price and quality of the end products of these outsourcing companies
Authors: Jun Feng Li, Wen Zhan Dai, Hui Jiao Wang
Abstract: Based on the characteristics of wavelet coefficients of images and fuzzy similarity measure, a novel image quality assessment is proposed in this paper. Firstly, the reference image and the distorted images are decomposed into several levels by means of wavelet transform respectively. The approximation and detail coefficients of the reference image (the distorted images) are as the reference sequences (the comparative sequences). Secondly, select the right membership function to map the referenced sequences and the comparative sequences to a membership value between 0 and 1 respectively. And calculate the fuzzy similarity measure values between the reference sequences and the comparative sequences respectively. Moreover, image quality assessment matrix of every distorted image can be constructed based on the fuzzy similarity measure values and image quality can be assessed. The algorithm makes full use of perfect integral comparison mechanism of fuzzy similarity measure and the well matching of discrete wavelet transform with multi-channel model of human visual system. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm can not only evaluate the integral and detail quality of image fidelity accurately but also bears more consistency with the human visual system than the traditional method PSNR.
Authors: Xin Yu Li, Dong Yi Chen
Abstract: Tracking and registration of camera and object is one of the most important issues in Augmented Reality (AR) systems. Markerless visual tracking technologies with image feature are used in many AR applications. Feature point based neural network image matching method has attracted considerable attention in recent years. This paper proposes an approach to feature point correspondence of image sequence based on transient chaotic neural networks. Rotation and scale invariant features are extracted from images firstly, and then transient chaotic neural network is used to perform global feature matching and perform the initialization phase of the tracking. Experimental results demonstrate the efficiency and the effectiveness of the proposed method.
Authors: Xu Dong Song, Jian Wei Mu, Rui Fang Feng, Zhan Zhi Qiu
Abstract: The calculation of Variable precision explicit region is an improved algorithm for constructing decision tree on the use of variable precision rough set model. For defects in the process of calculating the explicit region—in the process of calculating the explicit region, the more the number of attributes is, the greater the value of specific areas is, it puts forward the calculation algorithm that the number of attributes limits specific area. This algorithm enhances the accuracy of the calculation process. It can effectively reduce the trend that the more the classification of attributes is, the greater the greater the value of specific areas is. In the meanwhile, it also effectively improves the accuracy of the algorithm. By introducing the support and confidence, it simplifies the resulted tree, and improves the generalization ability of the tree. Finally, the validity of the method is verified through experimental analysis.
Authors: Jin Ru Zhong
Abstract: As a new mode of implementation for the construction project, EPC mode is more and more highly praised by owner and contractor. The owner can reduce the risk through implementing this mode and make the price of project relatively regular at the same time. However, because the owner seldom participates in this mode, in addition, the same contractor charges design and construction of the project, the owner’s controls to the price of project becomes more and more difficult. This paper discusses reasonable determination and effective control method and means to the price of the project under EPC mode according to the characteristic.

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