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Authors: Qi Hai Zhou, Yan Li
Abstract:Electronic commerce is the products of the development of Internet and information technology in the twentieth century. It makes commodity...
Authors: Min Wang, Hua Tao Peng
Abstract:In the process of evolution in Start-up Enterprises, its social networks will often occurred Mutations phenomenon because of environmental...
Authors: Yi He
Abstract:At the background of archives blog on Internet, this paper constructs a directed complex network model, and analyzes the network characters...
Authors: An Yuan Deng
Abstract:As there are many kinds of logs and format, and it is difficult to view and manage the logs, how to view and manage the logs efficiently and...
Authors: Hao Hao, Bian Zhun
Abstract:The pressure of financial turmoil and global competition drive domestic manufacturers to seek additional profit space besides low-cost labor...
Authors: Jun Feng Li, Wen Zhan Dai, Hui Jiao Wang
Abstract:Based on the characteristics of wavelet coefficients of images and fuzzy similarity measure, a novel image quality assessment is proposed in...
Authors: Xin Yu Li, Dong Yi Chen
Abstract:Tracking and registration of camera and object is one of the most important issues in Augmented Reality (AR) systems. Markerless visual...
Authors: Xu Dong Song, Jian Wei Mu, Rui Fang Feng, Zhan Zhi Qiu
Abstract:The calculation of Variable precision explicit region is an improved algorithm for constructing decision tree on the use of variable...
Authors: Jin Ru Zhong
Abstract:As a new mode of implementation for the construction project, EPC mode is more and more highly praised by owner and contractor. The owner can...
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