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Authors: Zhi Ming Wang, Jian Guo Yang
Abstract:Weibull distribution is one of the most widely used model in reliability analysis of NC machine tools. In order to assess the reliability of...
Authors: Li Juan Zhou, Shuang Li, Tong Liu
Abstract:With the improved Apriori algorithm mine the potential association rules among courses from a large number of college students’ results....
Authors: Bo Qian, Qiang Li
Abstract:In flexible roll forming, the horizontal movable sheet steel can be formed by controlling the servo motor to drive the multi-pass vertical...
Authors: Cheng Wu Lin, Fang Dong, Hao Zheng, Hua Yan
Abstract:This paper introduced working principle of dual-coil self-sensing actuator based on magnetically controlled shape memory alloy (MSMA). The...
Authors: Lan Chun Zhang, Shao Yi Bei, Jing Bo Zhao
Abstract:This paper is concerned with the power and fuel economy performance simulation study of power splitcontinuously variable transmission(PSCVT)....
Authors: Zhi Gao Luo, Xin He, Ai Cheng Xu, Qiang Chen
Abstract:Using BP Neural Network to optimize AE characteristic parameters of crack in drawing parts.By detecting the optimized characteristic...
Authors: Le Hu, Shu Jia Zhang, Cheng Xu
Abstract:In order to compare the steady multi-phase and unsteady calculation in double-suction centrifugal pump application, this article simulates...
Authors: Yusuke Hara, Rumana A. Jahan
Abstract:In this paper, we studied the effect of the temperature and the initial concentration of sodium bromate (NaBrO3) on the...
Authors: Zhi Cheng Zhong, Shao Hua Qu, Xiang Dong Ji, Jie Bo Hu, Duan Ming Zhang
Abstract:Perovskite KTa0.65Nb0.35O3 (KTN) thin films were grown by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) on single crystal SrTiO3 (100) substrates. X-ray...
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