Advanced Materials Science and Technology, ICMST 2010

Volumes 181-182

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Liu, Jing Wei Li

Abstract: Trajectory modeling of moving objects is one of the key problems in spatio-tempo-ral databases research. In a series of moves...

Authors: Hong Xia Pan, Jin Ying Huang

Abstract: In this paper, for such a complex dynamical system as gear box, the transfer characteristic model of different excitation points and...

Authors: Fei Xian Sun, Zhi Gang Wu

Abstract: This paper explores a novel danger theory based model to aware the situation for TCP SYN flooding attacks. Within in the presented model,...

Authors: Jian Liang Peng

Abstract: Inland river port has a unique advantage in the transport industry. In order to improve the efficiency of operation and management and...

Authors: Li Yong Ni, Peng Chao Kang, Suo Qing Yu, Zhu Bai Liu

Abstract: Considering the difficulty for the dynamic recrystallization to happen in Steel 26Cr2Ni4MoV, which was used to manufacture low-pressure...

Authors: Jie Zhou, Jian Xin Hui, Lei Wu, Yu Chun Gao

Abstract: In this paper, we apply minimum variance method for removing automatically ground and intermittent clutter (airplane echo) from wind...

Authors: Xin Ying Lv, Qiang Liu, Yan Hua Zhang, Ming Wei Di

Abstract: Lignin have been blended with low density polyethylene (LDPE). Maleic anhydride grafted high density polyethylene (HDPE-g-MAH) has been...

Authors: Yuan Jiang Liao, Ming Li, Chang Kai Xu

Abstract: This paper describes some main design methods of the mechatronics system and control system of the self-balancing two-wheel mobile platform...

Authors: Xin Ying Lv, Yong Sun, Zhi Cheng Jiang, Yan Hua Zhang, Ming Wei Di

Abstract: The two kinds of composites, including nano-nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR)/epoxy resin (EP) and nano-acrylate/EP composites were prepared...

Authors: Xian Min Wei

Abstract: Contrary to problem of XPath query processing with a predicate in XML data stream and query optimization, this paper presents the solution...


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