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Authors: Hong Chao Miao, Hong Lin, Yu Yue Chen

Abstract: With science and living standards progress, functional textile products become more and more popular. The natural and no added finishing...

Authors: Tie Ling Xing, Jie Liu, Guo Qiang Chen, Jia Yong Sheng, Dao Quan Sun, Zhong Li Chen

Abstract: In order to take the advantage of the specific property of sericin to improve wear property of cotton fabric, cotton fabric was finished...

Authors: Guo Qiang Chen, Tie Ling Xing, Qing Qing Zhou

Abstract: In order to develop the traditional technique and variety colors of Xiangyunsha, Doscorea Cirrhosa extract was applied on silk fabric, and...

Authors: Jin Ping Guan, Guo Qiang Chen

Abstract: In this paper, a hydroxyl-functional organophosphorus oligomer (HFPO) was introduced as a formaldehyde-free flame retardant into silk...

Authors: Ling Chen, De Suo Zhang, Hong Lin, Yu Yue Chen

Abstract: The chief aim of the present work is to investigate the preparation for silver nanoparticles antimicrobial agent and its antibacterial...

Authors: Hong Jie Zhang, Zhi Li Zhong, Li Li Feng, Xiao Ping Quan

Abstract: Polypropylene fibers were dyed with Disperse dyes Blue 2B in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide at different temperature, pressure and time. The...

Authors: Li Li Feng, Jian Fei Zhang, Hui Luo, Zheng Li

Abstract: The surface of polyacrylonitrile fibers and membrane were modified by nitrilase from Escherichia coli BL21 (DE3)/pET-Nit. Escherichia coli...

Authors: Yan Ling Sui, Chun Yan Wei, Wen Jing Liu, Bo Wang, Shao Quan Li, Yong Zhu Cui

Abstract: In this article, tussah silk was treated with 3, 4- dihydroxy benzaldehyde solution under concentrated nitric acid conditions, and its...

Authors: Jun Yan, Lai Jiu Zheng

Abstract: A study has been conducted into the dyeing of silk fabric in supercritical carbon dioxide. In order to reach better dyeing effect, plasma...

Authors: Yan Hua Lu, Zhao Dan Yang, Xu Hao

Abstract: To increase the color spectra, two kinds of vegetable dyes of natural indigo and brazilwood were selected for the complex dyeing of...


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