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Authors: Jun Chen, Yan Guang Lu, Cheng Sun

Abstract: Many nanotech-based fabrics products and applications are already in use for textile finishing process in many countries. The industry aims...

Authors: Xiang Dong Zhou, Run Zhi Cai, Ya Peng Shi

Abstract: A water-soluble blocked isocyanate cross-linker was prepared, then it was used to improve durability of water- and oil-proof finishing on...

Authors: Yan Meng Su, Min Zheng, Wu Jun Ma, Ting Li Cheng

Abstract: Nano-super(AB) microcrystalline dispersoid self-prepared is the main raw material. The cotton is given an excellent and lasting anti-UV and...

Authors: Xue Qin Cao, Jin Ping Guan, Xin Qin, Chi Wei Li, Hong Wei Gu, Guo Qiang Chen

Abstract: The past decade has been marked by a growing interest in the development and use of ecologically friendly dyes. In this paper, a novel...

Authors: Cheng Wang, Hong Lin, Yu Yue Chen

Abstract: The chitosan nanoparticles can be prepared by ionotropic gelation method in dispersion system. Chitosan nanoparticle has advantages of both...

Authors: Xiao Lang Wu, Yu Yue Chen, He Tian Han

Abstract: A species of derivatives of HBP-NH2 was synthesized from methyl acrylate, diethylene triamine and dodecylamine by two different modes...

Authors: Yun Zhang, Yan Ni Feng, Xiang Rong Wang

Abstract: Silk peptide-based surfactants were synthesized from fatty acyl chloride and silk peptide using Schotten-Baumana method. The structure of...

Authors: Kai Jing, Yun Zhang, Xiang Rong Wang

Abstract: The natural color silk has been treated by sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate,and the structure, crystallize and mechanical properties of...

Authors: Wu Wen Wang, Ji Hong Lao, Ya Qin Yang

Abstract: The silk Sanitary Materials in hydrogen peroxide bleaching process, various experimental factors affect on the raw materials’ whiteness and...

Authors: Zhe Zheng, Ming Lang Huang, Yan Chen

Abstract: Hangzhou is known as the town of silk. It has a history of more than five thousand years. In recent years, Hangzhou government takes “To...


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