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Authors: Xuan Wang, Xiao Peng Duan

Abstract: Ethnic garment construction was investigated from the perspective of geometry. Basic characteristics of ethnic garment construction of...

Authors: Yi Fang Zhang, Jing Sun, Jian Li Zhu

Abstract: The Copenhagen meeting makes “low carbon” be a catch word in our daily life. Fashion with the idea of low carbon life does not mean going...

Authors: Wei Jiang, Xiao Ming Qian, Da Li Ma

Abstract: With the development of the Internet and improvement of digital transmission technology, online communication is becoming a part of people's...

Authors: Zhen Zhen Huang, Xiao Yun Wang

Abstract: As large marketing research data shown, silk clothing marketing share of china has been small. So far, there is still lack of a high-profile...

Authors: Bin Hui Dai, Xiao Yun Wang

Abstract: Intelligent clothing pattern auxiliary input and grading system which was based on the digital camera input was introduced. Compared with...

Authors: Xin Lu, Hong Mu

Abstract: In intelligent pattern design, relationship between human body Fig. characterestics and garment pattern structure should be established. In...

Authors: Hong Mu, Xin Lu

Abstract: When an enterprise produces school uniforms, it often takes the clothing specification and size based on the students’ height and weight as...

Authors: Yue Ming Lao

Abstract: To adapt to the characteristics of clothing production like small-batch, multi-type and pattern management issues, intensive studies and...

Authors: Chen Tao, Yan Chen

Abstract: As manual tilt correction has always been the bottleneck of automatic weave image analysis and processing, this paper proposed a means by...

Authors: Chao Chen, Yong Kai Liu

Abstract: A number of plain weave silk-like polyester fabrics with different surface texture were collected, data of fabric structural parameters were...


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