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Authors: Yong Kai Liu, Chao Chen

Abstract: This paper uses grey situation decision, taking a leisure skirt for example, to access handle features of fabrics. A comprehensive framework...

Authors: Yu Xiu Yan, Li Xin Li, Zi Min Jin

Abstract: In order to improve the quality of silk garments, on the basis of the result of previous studies, and through the practice in the silk...

Authors: Jing Yu Chen

Abstract: As an important component of traditional culture, Chinese national costume elements are famous as gorgeous colors and exquisite decorations....

Authors: Jing Jin, Jing Jing Zhou, Kang Fu Zhang, Jian Wei Tao

Abstract: In order to study the Princess Line in women’s suits, based on the body type of young female in Zhejiang province, this research used 3...

Authors: Xin Ke Zhang, Yong Yan Ding, Jia Lv

Abstract: Formal Dress is attired for ceremonial social communicating occasions. The appropriateness of the design of the Formal Dress is closely...

Authors: Wen Liu

Abstract: “Nv Gong”, also called embroidery, is one of traditional ethnic handicrafts of Chinese nation. It is made by stitching on the fabric in the...

Authors: Jia Lv, Lin Bao, Xin Ke Zhang

Abstract: The “Calendar Painting” in the period of the Republic of China was a medium of commercial advertising, which was initially a calendar...

Authors: Qi Ming Wang

Abstract: There are many different forms of arm accessories in the Tang Dynasty. Their development is due to different times, cultures, religions, and...

Authors: Si Chen

Abstract: Fashion styles are closely related to their social and cultural background. Clothing is a product of materials and ideas. Clothing satisfies...

Authors: Jian Ping Yang, Yu Qi Sun, Shao Ning Qing

Abstract: The eastern cultural elements, especially represented by Chinese traditional cultural elements, are widely applied in the fashion design...


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