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Authors: Xiao Hui Zhang, Xu Bing Xu

Abstract: Information technology which takes the Internet as representative swifts development, more and more people who are pursuing more interesting...

Authors: Xiu Qin Hu, Yan Chen

Abstract: The shape is an important factor to form the garment style and manifest its beauty. It is affected not only by the style and design but also...

Authors: Hong Ni, Rui Fan

Abstract: The instability of seam smoothness for worsted fabric is always a big problem in suit industry. With substantial development and application...

Authors: Jie Chen, Zu Fang Zhang

Abstract: In terms of clothing silhouette, the design of structure lines for fitting clothing were studied, and the feasibility of reconstruction of...

Authors: Xiao Gang Bai, Xin Zhang

Abstract: In the current and future apparel market, customer demands various products. The apparel plants have to face the ever-changing demands from...

Authors: Cai Yuan Kuang

Abstract: Significant interrelationships between skirt shapes and properties of fabrics have been found in skirt design. In this paper, the...

Authors: Ju Jian Sun, Rui Shi, Gai Hang Li, Guo Lian Liu

Abstract: Silk belong to typical Eco Textiles and have many excellent characteristics. Whereas, there is only small market share for silk in Chinese...

Authors: Xin Wang, Rong Rong Zheng

Abstract: Today, the fashion designer’s concern for reconstruction design of fabric attains a new level. The embroidery, always be viewed as a...

Authors: Xue Qin Wang, Zi Min Jin

Abstract: A thrust of the study is to compare different design principles for advanced creation of full-fashioned weaving. According to the present...

Authors: Yong Sook Kim, Hyun Hee Kim

Abstract: This document explains and demonstrates how Korean women perceive their face image and its’ effects on cosmetic brand personality. Face...


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