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Authors: Hong Qin Dai

Abstract: Ontology which is a description of knowledge has been applied to many fields. Some intelligent systems based on ontology have been...

Authors: Ya Ning Li, A Ming Lu, Xiao Qun Dai, Jin Ao Chen, Xiao Wen Zhao

Abstract: Recently, it has been reported that suitable garment pressure contributes to accelerating human blood circulation, improving sports...

Authors: Xue Feng Yin, Ting Ting Liang, Ju Fen Fu

Abstract: Three-dimensional non-woven is a new kind of filling material which has unique tridimensional structure and excellent properties. It will be...

Authors: Xiao Yu Liu, Yan Chen, Li Li Zhang

Abstract: Nowadays the market of fashion luxury is expended in China. Foreign luxury brands have been landing in China in succession and the fashion...

Authors: Ya Nan Huang, Xiao Wen Zhao, Xiao Qun Dai, Ya Ning Li

Abstract: The safety and comfort play more and more important roles in foundation wear design. In this paper, the change of skin blood flow under...

Authors: Ting Ting Liang, Xue Feng Yin, Ju Fen Fu

Abstract: Three-dimensional non-woven liner is a new kind of material. Six different kinds of fibers with different ratios are used in the paper....

Authors: Qing Jin Wang, Jing Wei Liu, Jing Wu

Abstract: Silk was the most ancient export commodity, and it’s the evidence and pride of Chinese civilization. Silk is of noble temperament and deep...

Authors: Hai Xia Zhang, Xiao Wen Jiang, Li Mei Wang

Abstract: This paper took the garment processing enterprise production system layout for research object, based on the characteristics of garment...

Authors: Jing Wu, Jing Wei Liu, Qing Jin Wang

Abstract: Silk is Chinese cultural legacy, and whether in ancient times or now, a very important role was played on the clothing stage. Through the...

Authors: Yu Fu Shan, Gu Huang, Xiao Ming Qian, Li Min Tong

Abstract: Due to the delicacy of the material, stitch slipping occurs easier in silk garments than in the garments of other materials. Stitch slipping...


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