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Authors: Chun Gui Du
Abstract:Previous studies have indicated that Chinese fir glulam has many defects on surface: color is singleness, knot is more, surface is roughness,...
Authors: Yin Gu, Wei Dong Zhuo, Yu Ting Qiu
Abstract:This paper proposes a concept of layered fiber reinforced concrete (LFRC) beam. In the concept of a LFRC beam, low-modulus fiber and...
Authors: Wen Li Li, Wen Ge Chai, Cheng Yi, Yan Li Gao, Zhao Guang Li
Abstract:In this paper, high-quality mineral admixtures and superplasticizer double mixing technology is used to produce high performance recycled...
Authors: Li Wan, Wei Qing Liu, Hai Fang
Abstract:Paulownia wood was drilled with some glass fibers fulfilled in the holes, which could be the core of the sandwich structures. In the...
Authors: Bo Quan Jiang, Shu Fen Hu, Yu De Liu, Min Wei Wang
Abstract:Vinyl triethoxyl silicane, hydrogen silicone oil and microcrystal wax were separately used to modify the acrylic emulsion, wollastonite and...
Authors: Bo Quan Jiang, Shu Fen Hu, Jiang Na Zeng, Min Wei Wang
Abstract:The purpose of this work is to modify the organosilicone-veova10-vinyl acetate (OSVVVA) copolymer emulsion with protective colloid in order...
Authors: Bo Quan Jiang, Shu Fen Hu, Jian Guo Zou, Xiao Ying Yu
Abstract:The exterior wall paint was prepared with silicone modified acrylate emulsion , silicone oil modified wollastonite and self-made emulsifying...
Authors: Xin Xiu Tao, Jun Qiao, Wan Yun Yin, Ren Cai Jin, Li Zhai Pei, Jun Chen, Qian Feng Zhang
Abstract:The architectural heat-insulating coatings were prepared by means of high speed mechanical agitation when the polymer emulsions were used as...
Authors: Fu Zhong Wu, Wen Hao Wang
Authors: Zhan You Yan, Yu Shu, Jian Qing Bu, Xiang Guo Li
Abstract:Fly-ash is an industrial waste burning pulverize coal boilers for thermal power plant and large enterprises, the steel slag is too a residue...
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