Biohydrometallurgy: From the Single Cell to the Environment

Volumes 20-21

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mariekie Gericke, Byron Benvie, Leon Krüger

Abstract: The weathering of kimberlite ores leads to the weakening of the kimberlite structure, which allows the use of less intensive comminution...

Authors: Alejandra Giaveno, Edgardo R. Donati

Abstract: Bioleaching of a sulfide ore was investigated using a consortium of thermophilic bacteria and archaea. The consortium was obtained through...

Authors: Daniela G. Horta, Denise Bevilaqua, Heloísa A. Acciari, Oswaldo Garcia Jr., Assis Vicente Benedetti

Abstract: The electrochemical response of chalcopyrite was studied using electrochemical noise analysis (ENA). The assay was carried out under...

Authors: Iveta Štyriaková

Abstract: Ultra-fine iron particles are difficult to treat by conventional mineral processing methods. Thus bioleaching is an attractive alternative...

Authors: Adrian A. Nagy, Eberhard D. Gock, Frank Melcher, Terzan Atmaca, Lothar Hahn, Axel Schippers

Abstract: The acid mine drainage (AMD) generating sulfidic tailings have a total mass of 1,639,130 t containing 1.65 g/t Au, 34.5 g/t Ag, 7.74 % Fe,...

Authors: Zygmunt Sadowski, A. Szubert, Irena Helena Maliszewska, Ewa Jazdzyk

Abstract: High content of organic compounds is characteristic for black shale-type ores. Metalloporphyrins are known as the most stable and resistant...

Authors: Sabine Willscher, M. Katzschner, K. Jentzsch, S. Matys, Herbert Pöllmann

Abstract: Electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), e.g. printed circuit boards, contain substantial amounts of metals, e.g. Cu, Pb and Sn. The...

Authors: V.I. Groudeva, K. Krumova, Stoyan N. Groudev

Abstract: A rich-in- carbonates copper ore was subjected to bioleaching under alkaline pH conditions by means of different microorganisms or their...

Authors: Orquidea Coto, Federico Galizia, Ernesto González, Ianeya Hernández, Jeannette Marrero, Edgardo R. Donati

Abstract: Cuban serpentines are known as one of the richest deposits of Ni and Co in the world. These ores are usually treated by pyrometallurgy or...

Authors: Mohammad Pazouki, M.R. Hosseini, M. Ranjbar, F. Ghavipanjeh

Abstract: In this work, bioleaching of iron from a kaolin sample was carried out using two different strains of Aspergillus niger, and the effects of...


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