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Authors: Thierry Kamunga Kazadi, Jochen Petersen
Abstract:Traditionally, the kinetics of microbial ferrous iron oxidation have been studied in continuous culture or in batch. Both methods have...
Authors: Jörg Langwaldt
Abstract:In this work the leaching of black shale ore and froth flotation concentrates produced from the black shale was studied. The complex black...
Authors: Kevin B. Hallberg, D. Barrie Johnson, Jörg Langwaldt, Catherine Joulian
Abstract:Black schist ores in Finland are often enriched with sulfide minerals, containing a variety of base metals such as nickel, copper, zinc and...
Authors: Thore Rohwerder, Wolfgang Sand
Abstract:Both, the employment of leaching bacteria for metal winning as well as the mitigation of bioleaching processes at AMD/ARD sites, require...
Authors: Ren Man Ruan, Gui Ying Zhou, Jian Kang Wen
Abstract:During Zijinshan copper heap bioleaching, pyrite was leached in plenty resulting in high ferric concentration in solution. This affected...
Authors: L. Moreno
Abstract:The release of contaminants from mining wastes containing sulphide minerals is addressed. The paper shows the application of a methodology,...
Authors: Katalin Gruiz, E. Vaszita, Z. Siki
Abstract:A three tiered, iterative Environmental Risk Assessment methodology, including preliminary Qualitative Risk Assessment, Quantitative Hazard...
Authors: Anke Wolthoorn, Simon Kuitert, Henk Dijkman, Jacco L. Huisman
Abstract:In a bench scale trial biological sulfate reduction was applied to convert anglesite (PbSO4) to galena (PbS). Anglesite is a main...
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