Biohydrometallurgy: From the Single Cell to the Environment

Volumes 20-21

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Katarína Jablonovská, Iveta Štyriaková

Abstract: This paper investigates Zn2+ and Cu2+ adsorption capability of bentonite and zeolite taken from the non-raw metallic deposits of Slovakia....

Authors: M.G. Sagdieva, S.I. Borminskiy, Z.E. Rakhmatullaeva, A.K. Tonkikh, K.S. Sanakulov, B. Scott

Abstract: Two copper flotation tailings samples, one from the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex, Uzbekistan (sample designated AMMC) and the...

Authors: A. Simon, Nils Hoth, M. Dilbat

Abstract: NA-processes can be enhanced for lignite overburden dumps, using dicarboxylic acid as a feasible substrate for autochthonic sulphate...

Authors: F. Beolchini, S. Ubaldini, B. Passariello, N. Gül, D. Türe, Francesco Vegliò, R. Danovaro, A. Dell'Anno

Abstract: The present work deals with a bioremediation study of a heavy-metal polluted harbour sediment, obtained from the Italian Adriatic Coast....

Authors: Christian Lorenz, Dirk Merten, Götz Haferburg, Georg Büchel

Abstract: Column experiments were carried out using contaminated geosubstrates and previously isolated Streptomyces strains from the former uranium...

Authors: Viktória Feigl, Ágota Atkári, Attila Anton, Katalin Gruiz

Abstract: Gyöngyösoroszi is an abandoned lead-zinc sulphide ore mining area in Hungary. The diffuse pollution sources of mining origin identified in...

Authors: Shinichi Hirano, Norio Matsumoto, Naoya Ohmura

Abstract: Tetrachloroethene (PCE) is one of the grave environmental pollutants. Certain anaerobic bacteria have the ability to dechlorinate PCE as an...

Authors: Aino Maija Lakaniemi, Laura M. Nevatalo, Anna H. Kaksonen, Jaakko A. Puhakka

Abstract: The amenability of hydrolysed cellulose material to low cost sulfate reduction electron donor was examined with fluidized bed reactor (FBR)...

Authors: Alain Bergel

Abstract: Microbial biofilms produce electrochemical interactions with metal surfaces by following a wide variety of different electron exchange...


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