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Authors: Stoyan N. Groudev, Plamen S. Georgiev, Irena I. Spasova, Marina Nicolova
Abstract:Acid drainage waters generated in the uranium deposit Curilo, Bulgaria, were treated by means of different passive systems such as natural...
Authors: Karolien Vanbroekhoven, Sandra Van Roy, Ludo Diels, Johan Gemoets, Paul Verkaeren, Ludo Zeuwts, Karel Feyaerts, Francis van den Broeck
Abstract:In order to remediate three sites in the vicinity of a non-ferrous industrial site, where groundwater was historically contaminated with...
Authors: Richard Mariner, D. Barrie Johnson, Kevin B. Hallberg
Abstract:Soluble manganese (Mn(II)) can cause nuisance and occasionally toxicity problems, both in surface and ground waters and in domestic water...
Authors: Volker Preuss, Martin Horn, Matthias Koschorreck, Günter Luther, Katrin Wendt-Potthoff, Walter Geller
Abstract:For the treatment of acid mine water an in-situ pilot plant with a self-sufficient energy supply and remote data transmission was tested in...
Authors: Angelika Schöner, Georg Büchel, Martin Sauter
Abstract:The efficiency of natural wetlands for entrapment and concentration of aqueous uranium (U) was investigated in former uranium mining regions...
Authors: G. Cabrera, José Manuel Gómez, Domingo Cantero
Abstract:The work consists on the study of a sulphur–oxidizing bacteria (At. thiooxidans) immobilisation over polyurethane foam and the integration...
Authors: Alena Luptakova, Tomislav Spaldon, Magdalena Balintova
Abstract:The formation and treatment of acid mine drainage is the biggest environmental problems relating to mining and processing activities in the...
Authors: V.I. Groudeva, A. Doycheva, K. Krumova, Stoyan N. Groudev
Abstract:An experimental plot consisting of alkaline soil heavily polluted with heavy metals (copper, zinc, cadmium) was treated in situ by...
Authors: Roger B. Herbert, Linda Höckert, Mattias von Brömssen, Helen Friis, Gunnar Jacks
Abstract:Column experiments investigated the stabilization of waste rock from Ljusnarsberg mine in Kopparberg, Sweden. In order to inhibit the...
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