Biohydrometallurgy: From the Single Cell to the Environment

Volumes 20-21

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: R.E. Rivera-Santillán, V. Becerril-Reyes

Abstract: The exploitation of mineral deposits generates large amounts of wastes such as fine size particles, known as tailings. Mine wastes are...

Authors: M. Ranjbar, M. Schaffie, Mohammad Pazouki, R. Ghazi, A. Akbary, S. Zanddevakili, S.A. Seied Baghery, Z. Manafi

Abstract: Several studies and different successful commercial applications had demonstrated that bioleaching can be an innovative approach that is...

Authors: P. D'Hugues, A. Grotowski, A. Luszczkiewicz, Zygmunt Sadowski, T. Farbiszewska, Aleksandra Sklodowska, K. Loukola-Ruskeeniemi, Jörg Langwaldt, J. Palma, Paul R. Norris, F. Glombitza, Stoyan N. Groudev, J. Pasava, D. Barrie Johnson

Abstract: The Bioshale project, involving 13 partners throughout Europe, is co-funded by the European Commission under the FP6 program. The main...

Authors: Vladimir P. Beškoski, Jelena Milic, Boris Mandic, Milos Takic, Miroslav M. Vrvić

Abstract: Oil shales are one of the alternative sources of hydrocarbon fuels (“synthetic petroleum”), characterized by the increased sulfur and...

Authors: Helmut Brandl, Stefan Lehmann, Mohammad A. Faramarzi

Abstract: Cyanogenic Chromobacterium violaceum, Pseudomonas fluorescens, and P. plecoglossicida were able to mobilize silver, gold and platinum when...

Authors: Jaakko A. Puhakka, Päivi H.M. Kinnunen, Tuomas van der Meer, Bestamin Özkaya, Erkan Sahinkaya, Anna H. Kaksonen, Pauliina Nurmi

Abstract: An overview is presented of a multi-year research effort on developing high-rate fluidized-bed bioprocesses for ferric sulfate production...

Authors: Mariekie Gericke, Heinrich H. Muller, P.J. van Staden, A. Pinches

Abstract: The focus of this paper is on the development of a bioleaching process for the treatment of complex polymetallic concentrates, containing...

Authors: P. D'Hugues, Catherine Joulian, P. Spolaore, C. Michel, F. Garrido, Dominique H.R. Morin

Abstract: In the frame of a European project (BioMinE - FP6), a continuous bioleaching operation was carried out in a laboratory-scale unit using a...

Authors: Geoffrey S. Simate, Sehliselo Ndlovu

Abstract: Identifying influential factors in the bacterial leaching of nickel laterites using a mixed culture of chemolithotrophic micro-organisms...

Authors: Javier Vilcáez, Koichi Suto, Chihiro Inoue

Abstract: A model was prepared to study the performance of a thermophilic bioleaching heap that employs mixed mesophilic and thermophilic microbes...


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