Materials and Design

Volumes 284-286

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiang Ying Hao, Cui Zhang, Shuang Xi Liu, Hai Fu Guo

Abstract: Zeolites mordenite (MOR) and β decorated with high dispersion degree and loading content of CuO composite (symbolized as CuO/zeolite) were...

Authors: Chun Yan Song, Yong Liang Gui, Bin Sheng Hu, Xue Jing Qi

Abstract: Wear resistant NiMo/Mo2Ni3Si intermetallic composite with a microstructure of ternary metal silicide...

Authors: Quan Li Jia, Fang Bao Ye, Yu Cui Zhang

Abstract: Nitrides(Si3N4/Sialon) bonded alumina castables were fabricated by in situ nitridation reaction. Effects of the...

Authors: Wen Wu Wang, Hui Yan Cao, Zhi Ping Zhang, Jing Xiang Wang

Abstract: Based on SiC grains and powder, flake graphite, AlN powder, Silicon powder, sintered alumina ultra-fine powder as the starting materials,...

Authors: Xue Zheng Wang, Xiao Rui Song

Abstract: The fabrication of assorted fibers barrel-type pre-formed shape which contain of ZLl09 alloy with alumina fibers and short carbon fibers by...

Authors: Xia Shi Zhu, Ying Gu, Ting Ting Hou

Abstract: The adsorptive capability of β-Cyclodextrin-cross-linked polymer(β-CDCP) for cadmium was assessed in this work using column method. It was...

Authors: Zhen Li, Xiao Feng Wang, Yang Lin, Peng Fei, Mao Fa Jiang

Abstract: A novel fine inclusion removal technology due to the dispersed in-situ phase induced by the composite ball explosive reaction was put...

Authors: Hong Ming Wang, Bing Zhao, Yan Qiong He, Yi Nan Zhao, Gui Rong Li, Zhao Zhang

Abstract: (Al2O3+Al3Zr)P/Al composites were in situ synthesized from Al-Zr(CO3)2...

Authors: Zheng Liu, Xiao Mei Liu

Abstract: Al2O3·SiO2f/A356 composites contained La were fabricated by squeeze casting, and effect of La on...

Authors: Jin Peng Feng, De Ping Chen, Wen Ni, Shao Jian Ma, Jin Lin Yang, Wei Mo

Abstract: This work investigated the effects of fumed titanium oxide on thermal stability of nano-silica thermal insulating composites prepared by dry...


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