Materials and Design

Volumes 284-286

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Bin Niu, Wan Chang Sun, Zi Min Fan

Abstract: A pressure-less infiltration technique was introduced to fabricate WC particles reinforced steel matrix composites through rapidly melting...

Authors: Ke Xu, Cheng Dong Wu, Xiao Jun Tian, Zai Li Dong

Abstract: This paper proposed a preprocessing method of SWCNTs dispersion based on rinsing technology. With the assistance of SDS, SC and SDBS, this...

Authors: Yang Huang, Qi Ming Feng, Wei Qing Wang

Abstract: The sepiolite and CuFe2O4 were combined to prepare the sepiolite/CuFe2O4 composite. The magnetic...

Authors: An You Zuo, Yong Dan Zhu, Hong Hua Liao, Juan Jun Tan

Abstract: The effect of added BN on the electro-magnetic properties and enhanced room temperature magnetoresistance in...

Authors: Yi Zhang, Xiao Peng Wang, Dong Xu Li

Abstract: Organophilic Bentonite / Paraffin composite phase change energy storage materials (OB/P PCM composite) were prepared by melting...

Authors: Chun Lei Tian, Ai Guo Pi, Feng Lei Huang

Abstract: This paper discusses the response of balanced angle-ply graphite/epoxy composite laminates subjected to different strain rate compression...

Authors: Min Han, You Ming Guo

Abstract: This paper analyzes the characteristics of bitmap and vector, introduce based on Photoshop, CorelDraw, Flash, Streamline and other software...

Authors: Chun Tian Li, Chang Hua Du, Yi Luo, Hui Bin Xu

Abstract: Regarding welding power-arc system stability (WPSS) as the research object, the paper uses differential theory and considers the full load...

Authors: Hai Yan Tang, Jing She Li, Han Jie Guo

Abstract: The sulfide capacity (CS) and equilibrium distribution ratio of sulphur (LS) are important indicators to...

Authors: Xiao Hui Li, Ran Ran Zhao, Jin Rui Zhang

Abstract: Based on the tunnel effect, a mathematic model was set up to describe the tunnel resistivity of carbon black-filled cement-based composites...


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