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Authors: Xiao Ping Wang, Huan Ping Lin, Qiao Xia Wang
Abstract: Heat shock protein 72 (HSP72) and glycoprotein 96 (gp96) are highly expressed in cancer tissues. Recent studies indicate the possible roles of HSP72 and gp96 in the development and progression of gastrointestinal carcinomas but detailed information is still ambiguous. The aim of the study is to investigate the correlation between clinicopathology and immunolocalization of HSP72 and gp96 in human hepatocellular carcinoma. Immunohistochemistry demonstrated that HSP72 and gp96 expression in hepatocellular carcinomas with metastasis was significantly higher than those with non-metastasis. HSP72 and gp96 expression were significantly associated with the presence of tumor infiltration, lymph node and remote metastasis.
Authors: Hai Xia Long, Li Hua Wu, Yu Zhang
Abstract: Multiple sequence alignment (MSA) is an NP-complete and important problem in bioinformatics. Currently, profile hidden Markov model (HMM) is widely used for multiple sequence alignment. In this paper, Quantum-behaved Particle Swarm Optimization with selection operation (SQPSO) is presented, which is used to train profile HMM. Furthermore, an integration algorithm based on the profile HMM and SQPSO for the MSA is constructed. The approach is examined by using multiple nucleotides and protein sequences and compared with other algorithms. The results of the comparisons show that the HMM trained with SQPSO and QPSO yield better alignments than other most commonly used HMM training methods such as Baum–Welch and PSO.
Authors: Jin Yang Chen, Ru Yi Ruan, Zhi Li
Abstract: A complex mental oxide Mn0.9-Co0.1-Ce-oxide was prepared by co-precipitation-hydrothermal method and it was used as catalyst to oxidative degradation of 4,4- dibromobiphenyl (4,4’-DBB) in subcritical water. The optimization conditions is obtained as follows: 5% Mn0.9-Co0.1-Ce-oxide catalyst, m(H2O2):m(4,4’-DBB)=200:1,temperature of 613K, reaction time of 20 minutes, and COD removal rate is more than 99 %. In the temperature range of 603–633 K, the degradation kinetics is studied and apparent activation energy is 35.92 and 46.69 kJ/mol for no catalyst and 5% Mn0.9-Co0.1-Ce-oxide, respectively.
Authors: Yi Guo Su, Yue Meng, Yue Ban, Xiao Jing Wang
Abstract: The electronic excitations and electron absorption spectra of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDDs) were investigated by the time-dependent density functional theory (/DFT). The main spectral features were interpreted on the basis of the electronic structure of PCDDs by fully considering the possible interference of coexist organic molecules for the electron spectra. With the numbers of benzene rings in aromatic molecules increasing, the excitation energies decrease. The excitation energies of the compounds with three or four benzene rings (phenanthrene or fluoranthene) fall into the electronic transition regions of PCDDs. Therefore these compounds were not possible differentiate from the electron spectra of PCDDs. Furthermore, with the amounts of benzene rings extending to surpass three and four, the energies decease continuously and run beyond of the transition energy ranges of PCDDs. Thus the electron excitation energies of those aromatic molecules with three or four benzene rings were in the range of PCDDs, acting as the possible interferential substances for the detecting of PCDDs.
Authors: Guo Qiang Cheng, Yan Jin Song
Abstract: Rock is a type of natural material containing microcracks. The evolution of mining-induced fracture field is one of the main problems of gas comprehensive control and rock mass seepage. The distribution of fissures and porosity in overlying strata under the mining influence were studied in this paper. The stratum subsidence was represented quantitatively using elastic thin plate theory and key strata theory. Based on the stratum subsidence, a program calculating porosity in overlying strata was developed based on VB. The results demonstrate that the porosity increase with face advances. The porosity becomes small with the decrease of strata depth, and the bigger separation is located in the strata below the key strata. The amount of the fissures in the middle part of overlying strata is more than that in two ends, and the porosity curves present symmetric arch shape in the initial stage. With face advances, the curves of porosity in the strata located the upper position change symmetric arch shape into saddle shape.
Abstract: Removed due to authors request.
Authors: Quan Ling Zhang
Abstract: A multivariable predictive functional control (M-PFC) algorithm based on a two-inputs/two-outputs system with the transfer function model is presented in this paper. A simple and explicit solution of manipulated variables of the control system can be obtained by optimizing the objective function. Simulations of the system applying M-PFC are also provided in here, showing that the presented algorithm has good performance of tracking set-point without steady-state error, disturbance rejection and robustness. Finally, the application of temperature control for the methylamine synthesizing tower is addressed, demonstrating the effectiveness of the proposed PFC algorithm.
Authors: Hai Yuan Qiu
Abstract: Based on the test results of pollution factors of some coastal economic organisms and sediments in the survey on pollution baseline of Fujian, this article discusses the content and characteristics of pollutants of some coastal bay sediments and ocean economic organisms of Fujian province, analyzes their correlations, and estimates their current situation. The data and results could provide scientific evidences to the prevention and protection for coastal organism resources of Fujian province. <0}
Authors: Zhi Qiang Zhang, Jian Hua Ren, Shu Qun Shen, Tong Gang Zhao
Abstract: Analyze the fiber amplified theory and obtain the transmission formula of pump and signal for the use of rate equation. In the experiment, take the Yb-doped double cladding fiber based on phosphor silicate as gain medium, high power single emitter in 915nm as pump source. According to gain fiber length obtained by the theory analyses, the output power achieves 20W above. Apply the cladding power stripper at the output end for stripping the remained pump power.

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