Advanced Research on Material Engineering, Chemistry, Bioinformatics

Volumes 282-283

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lei Ye, Shu Ding, Yuan Lu Cui, Qiang Song Wang, Ye Zhang

Abstract: This article presents the optimization of process parameters in chitosan-gelatin composite microcarriers preparation based on multi-index...

Authors: Ning Liu, Bin Guo, Xin Ju Li, Yao Lun Zhao, Xin Gang Wang

Abstract: Soil characteristics spatial variability is one of the important attributes of soil, while land use is the most universal, the most direct...

Authors: Yang Liu, Jing Kun Yu

Abstract: Allyl phenol-formaldehyde (APF) resin was synthesized by using phenol-formaldehyde (PF) resin and allyl chloride as raw materials and sodium...

Authors: Hui Ming Peng, Jia Wen Bian, Hong Wei Li

Abstract: This study is focused on the development of clinically applicable nanocarriers for bone regeneration by establishing a systematic modeling...

Authors: Bao Min Yu

Abstract: Wavelet analysis has been a powerful tool for exploring and solving many complicated problems in natural science and engineering...

Authors: Feng Wang, Gui Tang Wang, Rui Huang Wang, Xiao Wu Huang

Abstract: This paper introduces a design of gaussian Laplace edge detection algorithm model based on system generator which can be realized in...

Authors: Yong Lin Wang, Yan Liu, Sheng Bing Che

Abstract: BP neural network has strong fault-tolerant and adaptive learning capacity, so it is widely used in pattern recognition. Based on the...

Authors: Yong Ming Cai, Qing Chang

Abstract: As a major statistical learning method in case of small sample, Support Vector Machine Algorithm (SVM) has some disadvantages in dealing...

Authors: Jia Lei Tan, Yu Shu Xie, Xiao Feng Zhang, Tong Wang

Abstract: Small-scale burning experimental study of computer monitors and paper was done based on cone calorimeter. The small and middle scale fires...

Authors: Ai Juan Zhang, Cheng Ji, Jian Wang

Abstract: Distributed applications require integrating security policies of collaborating parties, and the policies must be able to support complex...


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