Advanced Research on Material Engineering, Chemistry, Bioinformatics

Volumes 282-283

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Dong Feng, Yan Fei Ma

Abstract: Volatilization of diesel oil in sand columns was conducted at the ambient temperature of 20 °C by spilling oil on the sand surface. The...

Authors: Xue Dong Feng, Yan Fei Ma, Jia Di Liu

Abstract: With the changes of domestic environmental policy, the curriculum provision of environmental engineering should be continuous improved. This...

Authors: Ying Chun Li, Li Fang Zhao

Abstract: Watermarking technique has widely developed prospects in information protection, digital right authentication and electronic commerce. This...

Authors: Bing Tao Liu, Hai Yang Cong, Yong Cao

Abstract: Flocculation water treatment is one of the important aspects of water treatment .The aim of this work is to use PFS for treating Yellow...

Authors: Bing Tao Liu, Ying Qi Yang, Li Zhang

Abstract: Activated Carbon Fiber was use to treat aniline wastewater. Influencing factors,such as pH value ,salinity were studied and dynamic...

Authors: Liu Yang, Zhi Gang Hu, Jun Long, Tao Guo

Abstract: Domain ontology plays an essential role in formalization and sharing of domain knowledge. However, constructing domain ontology is a labour...

Authors: Shen Tsu Wang, Meng Hua Li

Abstract: Due to increased uncertainties in corporate demands the vendor-managed inventory method was developed; however, relevant literature...

Authors: Rui Sun

Abstract: Innovation research has advanced recently, scholars tried to uncover the antecedent factors of organizational innovation. It is argued that...

Authors: Xiao Peng Ji, Xing Feng Guan, Zhen Hong Wang

Abstract: Li-ion batteries have been widely used. However, the safety concern is always serious due to its high energy density. In order to improve...

Authors: Cui Mei Bao

Abstract: This paper describes the agent technology and the concept of digital watermarking and the specific properties of watermarking techniques...


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