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Authors: Yan Feng Wang, Chang Ming Qiu, Chun Guang Lu, Lina Zhang
Metal alloy Materials
Abstract:By taking cold conventional rolling technique on austenitic high manganese steel specimens, their hardness increase. The microstructure is...
Authors: Yi Sheng Huang, Ter Chan Row
Metal alloy Materials
Abstract:Deadlock prevention, deadlock detection and deadlock avoidance strategies are used to solve the deadlock problems of flexible manufacturing...
Authors: Ru Ma, Shou Ren Wang, Yong Wang, Li Ying Yang
Metal alloy Materials
Abstract:The effects of hot compression deformation (300°C/0.1s-1) and annealing on the microstructural evolution of ZK60+0.8Zn (ZK60M) alloys were...
Authors: Sheng Yang, Peng San
Metal alloy Materials
Abstract:In this paper, the influence of B on the existence form and the phase composition of Zr in alloy were studied. And the influence mechanism of...
Authors: Ying Li, Wan Qi Huang, Xu Hong Chang, Song Yan Cao, Bao Tong Qi
Metal alloy Materials
Abstract:ASME SA-213 T91 tubes and SA-335 P91 pipes were widely used in combined-cycle steam systems due to their greater increased temperature...
Authors: Yi Meng, Zhi Hao Zhao, Jian Zhong Cui
Metal alloy Materials
Abstract:The over-burnt temperature of a new Al-Mg-Si-Cu Aluminum alloy was studied by means of DSC and microstructure analysis, as a result of the...
Authors: Zhi Hao Zhao, Yi Meng, Jian Zhong Cui
Metal alloy Materials
Abstract:The new Al-Mg-Si-Cu aluminum alloy has been developed for application in cold and hot extrusion and forging. Its nominal composition is...
Authors: Guang Bing Han, Shuang Fu, Min Liu, Hao Su, Ru Wei Gao
Metal alloy Materials
Abstract:Anisotropic Nd13.5Fe79.5B7 magnetic powders are obtained by varying the desorption H2-pressure of...
Authors: Chun Xiang Xu, Zhi Ling Bai, Zhen Qiang Wang, Hui Ju, Zhi Wei Zhang
Metal alloy Materials
Abstract:The effect of Y addition on the microstructure of AZ61 alloy was investigated by optical microscopy (OM), X-ray diffraction analysis (XRD)...
Authors: Ying Zhang, Jing Xiao Han, Xian Jiao Xie, Shui Sheng Xie, Jin Yu He, Wen Sheng Sun, De Fu Li, Mao Peng Geng
Metal alloy Materials
Abstract:The zinc alloy samples were prepared under the condition of the vibration and ordinary pressure, 0.4Mpa pressure and 0.7Mpa pressure. The...
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