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Authors: Zhen Xue Shi, Jia Rong Li, Shi Zhong Liu, Jin Qian Zhao
Metal alloy Materials
Abstract:The specimens of low angle boundaries were machined from the second generation single crystal superalloy DD6 blades. The microstructures of...
Authors: Jun Du, Ming Hua Wang, Ting Fan, Wen Fang Li
Metal alloy Materials
Abstract:The Mg-3% Al melt was treated by carbon inoculation and Fe addition. The influence of Fe on the formation of nucleation was investigated....
Authors: Xiao Min Wang, Guo Qing Gou, Jun Jing Zhao, Yan Liu
Metal alloy Materials
Abstract:This paper studied the intergranular corrosion behavior of A7N01-T4 Al-alloy and its welding joint through corrosion rate test by chemical...
Authors: Xiu Li Hou, Zhan Yi Cao, Li Dong Wang, Li Min Wang
Metal alloy Materials
Abstract:The influences of hot forging and ageing treatment on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg−8Gd−2Y−1Nd−0.3Zn−0.6Zr (wt.%) alloy...
Authors: Xian Chao Hao, Bo Chen, Ying Che Ma, Kui Liu
Metal alloy Materials
Abstract:A series of heat treatments were preformed to study the evolution of microstructure in an austenitic nickel-base Alloy 690 using optical...
Authors: Shun Sang Na, Jian Sha Chen, Chao Fu, Guo Tao Zhang, Qian Xu
Metal alloy Materials
Abstract:The study on the phase transformation law of High-Carbon Matrix steel 4Cr-3Mo-3V-2W-Ni-Nb, which is processed in different heat treatment, is...
Authors: Xin Hao, Mei Ling Pan, Xiao Fei Liu
Metal alloy Materials
Abstract:The microstructure and wearing resistance of 5CrMnMo hot working die steel with four different amounts of additions of Ce was studied and...
Authors: Bai Ping Mao, Jun Peng Li, Jian Shen
Metal alloy Materials
Abstract:Effects of thermo-mechanical treatment on the mechanical properties and microstructure of 2197 alloy were studied through analyses of the...
Authors: Wei Han, Da Zhao Yu, Qing He Fan
Metal alloy Materials
Abstract:The initial discontinuity state (IDS) concept was developed just several years ago in an attempt to describe the as-manufactured or...
Authors: Hou An Zhang, Si Yong Gu
Metal alloy Materials
Abstract:On the basis of analysis of thermodynamics and kinetics on the oxidation behavior of MoSi2 at 673 – 873 K, an oxidation kinetics...
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