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Volumes 284-286

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Authors: Yan Hong Zheng, Lian Cai Wang, Yu Zhai, Bao Hua Guo, Xin Miao Zeng

Abstract: The feasibility of using two step procedures with thermal imidization of polyamic acid (PAA) for synthesizing hydroxyl group polyimide (PI),...

Authors: Ming Ye, Xiao Chen, Guang Wei Li, Geng Yi Guo, Liu Yang

Abstract: Melanin was isolated from the mycelium of Lachnum singerianum YM-292 (LSM) by alkaline extraction, acid hydrolysis, and repeated...

Authors: Xiao Ming Sang, Run Zeng Wang, Xing Gang Chen, Lei Zhang, Man An, Yi Shen

Abstract: Polyurethane-imide is a novel kind of po lymer with excellent heat-resistant and mechanical properties. This overview embracing...

Authors: Jin Zhou Chen, Zhen Gao, Peng Ping Xie, Kai Guo, Ming Jun Niu, Xin Fa Li

Abstract: In order to reduce the cost of the polylactic acid (PLLA) material and to improve its flexibility to expand the application of PLA-based...

Authors: Yan Ling Bao, Guang Ze Dai, Xing Min Huang, Jing Han, Jun Wen Zhao, Qing Qing Ni

Abstract: As a biofilm carrier for wastewater treatment, PAN-based carbon fiber (CF) was usually modified with different ways. The double modification...

Authors: Jing Xian Zhang, Dong Liang Jiang, Qing Ling Lin, Zhong Ming Chen, Zheng Ren Huang

Abstract: Chitosan/Hydroxyapatite composites with a homogeneous nanostructure have been prepared by a co-precipitation method. Initially, a chitosan...

Authors: Vitalijs Lakevics, Janis Locs, Dagnija Loca, Valentina Stepanova, Liga Berzina-Cimdina, Juris Pelss

Abstract: Sorption experiments of bovine serum albumin (BSA) on hydroxyapatite (HAp) ceramic granules, prepared at three temperatures 900°C, 1000°C...

Authors: Juris Pelss, Dagnija Loca, Liga Berzina-Cimdina, Janis Locs, Vitalijs Lakevics

Abstract: In the current research slow release anticancer drug delivery system was prepared and drug release kinetics in vitro evaluated....

Authors: Chang Kun Ding, Bo Wen Cheng, Qiong Wu

Abstract: Biodegradable fibers of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyhexanoate) (PHBHHx) were prepared by melt spinning, followed by...

Authors: Zhe Zhou, Hou Yong Yu, Mei Fang Zhu, Zong Yi Qin

Abstract: The composites of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) (PHBV) with different microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) contents were prepared...


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