Materials and Design

Volumes 284-286

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Chang Ke, Yi Kun Chen, Guo Xi Xiong, Xiang Hong Peng, Chao Zhu, Xiao Qiu Yang

Abstract: Oleoyl chloride was synthesized by oleic acid and thionyl dichloride (SOCl2), and then reacted with chitosan in dichloromethane...

Authors: Chun Guang Li, Wei Gong Peng, Yun Xia Li, Peng Fei Xu, Wei Tian, Rui Zhang

Abstract: The biodegradable composite films were prepared from bagasse microcrystalline cellulose as filler and polylactic acid (PLA) as polymeric...

Authors: Hui Li, Ji Wan, Wei Hua Dang

Abstract: A kind of endurant antibacterial PE films were prepared by using Nano-TiO2 modified by JH-3112 silane or titanate coupling...

Authors: Yu Lu Wang, Xue Pin Liao, Bi Shi

Abstract: Type I collagen was isolated from calf skin and its assembly on PVA film induced by glutaraldehyde vapor was investigated. It was found that...

Authors: Chih Wei Chou, Yueh Hsiung Kuo, You Cheng Hseu, Yung Shiu Chen, Te Hsing Wu

Abstract: In this paper, the effective nanocompoties (EFNCs) as drug carriers are prepared by grafting reaction of cationic chitosan (CS) and anionic...

Authors: De Long Ran, Jian Jun Xie, Kai Huang, Shui Ping Yin, Sheng Ming Chen, Ying She Luo

Abstract: High-temperature resistant epoxy adhesives cured under room-temperature becomes more and more important in many industries such as aerospace...

Authors: Wei Bing Wu, Bin Liu, Xiao Fan Zhou, Yi Jing, Hong Qi Dai

Abstract: “Water-in-water” emulsions of hydrophobically associating cationic polyacrylamide (HACPAM) with both cationic groups (methacrylatoethyl...

Authors: Chang Jiang Pan, Yu Dong Nie, Yun Xiao Dong

Abstract: In the present study, three BMP-2 (bone morphogenetic protein-2) micropatterns were produced on polystyrene (PS) surface by microcontact...

Authors: Chao Wang

Abstract: The synthesis of a glycodendrimer by incorporating repetitive mannoside units onto a glucoside core was completed in order to prepare a...

Authors: Yang Fu, Kai Ming Lin, Hui Huang, Wei Feng Zhang

Abstract: Electrofusion joint is used widely for PE pipes; the quality of the joint influences the safety of gas distribution system. Proven and...


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