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Authors: Rui Sheng Wang, Jun Cong Wei, Shao Wei Yao
High Performance Elastomers & Polymers
Abstract:Al2TiO5-Si3N4 composites were fabricated by mixing 75-95% premixed powder, composed of titanium...
Authors: Chang Jin Yang, Zheng Peng, Yong Yue Luo, Shuang Quan Liao, Jie Ping Zhong, Can Zhong He, Yue Qiong Wang
High Performance Elastomers & Polymers
Abstract:Two grades of epoxidized natural rubber (ENR), namely, ENR 25 and ENR 40 were mixing through adding 0-5 phr calcium stearate. The effect of...
Authors: Yan Bing Wang, Hao Yan, Zhi Xiong Huang
High Performance Elastomers & Polymers
Abstract:The Composite based on CIIR and variable sulfur/accelerator ratio were prepared by compounding and vulcanizing process. Tensile properties...
Authors: Ying Zhe Xiao, Xi Hai Hao
High Performance Elastomers & Polymers
Abstract:Liquid crystal polymer is widely used in field of manufacturing of equipment parts because of its excellent performance of injection molding...
Authors: Zhi Guo Lei, Cheng Ning Zhang
High Performance Elastomers & Polymers
Abstract:Both the performance and lifetime of battery pack are substantially reduced in the cold temperatures, and it influences the performance and...
Authors: Fu Ming Wang, Ming Sheng Shi, Hui Jie Li, Yan Hui Zhong
High Performance Elastomers & Polymers
Abstract:The polyurethane foam as a representative nonaqueous reacted polymer grouting material has become one kind of advanced comprehensive...
Authors: Ru Xin Che, Chun Xia Wang, Bing Yu
High Performance Elastomers & Polymers
Abstract:The core-nanoshell composite materials doped with Nd were prepared by a solid-state reaction method. The core is magnetic fly-ash hollow...
Authors: Jing Xia Wang, Xiao Dong Fan, Wei Tian, Guang Wen Cheng, Juan Li Li
High Performance Elastomers & Polymers
Abstract:Due to the lack of trifunctional polypropylene oxide (TPPO) certified reference material (CRM) with precise molecular weight on the market,...
Authors: Xiao Ling Hu, Yong Ouyang, Xiong Zhou, Wen Bo Luo
High Performance Elastomers & Polymers
Abstract:The tensile stress-strain relationship of rubbers is fairly linear and can be used for obtaining tensile modulus E. In this work we...
Authors: Dong Qiang Gao, Fei Zhang, Zhi Gang Guo
High Performance Elastomers & Polymers
Abstract:3D modle of spreading platform of rapid prototyping machine for ceramic parts is established in PRO/E, and the modle is input to ANSYS, and...
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