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Authors: Jin Zhou, Shu Ping Zhuo
Materials Chemistry
Abstract:Ordered mesoporous carbons (BOMC) were prepared by doping boric acid using a hard-templating method, while a CMK-3 carbon (OMC) was also...
Authors: Xue Liang Xiong, Zhi Yang, Hong Yong Ouyang
Materials Chemistry
Abstract:The character of ilmenite was modified by pretreatment, the effect of pre-oxidation temperature and time on structure of ilmenite were...
Authors: Si Xian Rao, Li Bing Zhang, Wei Wei, Zi Wei Pan
Materials Chemistry
Abstract:Effects of CDI on corrosion behavior of AA2024-T3 in 3% NaCl aqueous solution are investigated through electrochemical techniques. the...
Authors: Jin Zhou, Wen Li, Shu Ping Zhuo
Materials Chemistry
Abstract:Several microporous carbons were prepared by a two-step method using zeolite HY as a template, and were used as CO2 adsorbents....
Authors: Yi Yong Wang, Hui Jin
Materials Chemistry
Abstract:Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis (SHS) method was adopted to synthesize powder containing CaB6, and the power was...
Authors: Zhi Ming Zhang, Shi Qian Wei, Li Hua Han
Materials Chemistry
Abstract:With L-glutamic acid as raw materials, N-carboxy-L-glutamic acid-benzyl-anhydride (BLG-NCA) was synthesized by triphosgene. With aniline as...
Authors: Pyong Hun Kim, Hong Wei Xie, Yu Chun Zhai, Su Hong Ji
Materials Chemistry
Abstract:The electro–reduction of CeO2 in eutectic CaCl2–NaCl melt was studied by cyclic voltammetry and constant voltage...
Authors: Ming Hua Li, Guang Ting Han, Hao Chen, Jian Yong Yu, Yuan Ming Zhang
Materials Chemistry
Abstract:The alcoholic extract of the Apocynum venentum (AV) bark were purified by silica gel column chromatography. The isolated chemical...
Authors: Yan Min Zheng, Jin Feng Zhang, Wen Geng Dong, Jun Hui Zhang
Materials Chemistry
Abstract:Through the pyrolysis experiments of the building room’s common combustible materials in this paper, the weight loss curves were obtained and...
Authors: Ying Xu, Yan Qing Cai, Xiang Lu, Peng Hua Ma
Materials Chemistry
Abstract:Vanadium was recovered by using technology of calcified roasting→alkali leaching→ion exchange→precipitating→deaminizing, the principles of...
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