Materials and Design

Volumes 284-286

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chang Qing Hu, Yu Zhu Zhang

Abstract: Energy saving of iron-making system and secondary energy recovery are the main approaches for the Chinese steel industry’s sustainable...

Authors: Li Wei Xu, Yu Dong Huang, Li Liu

Abstract: The stability of the coating is investigated. For the hydrothermal ageing, the result of ageing of glass fiber compatible to resin with...

Authors: Xiao Hua Gu, Jia Liang Zhou, Jian Hong Liu

Abstract: In this paper, crystallization kinetics behavior of a high heat-absorbing PET / TiN nanocomposite ,the effect of the crystallization...

Authors: Jing Zhu, Yang Liu, Juan He, Hong Liang Wei, Hui Juan Chu

Abstract: New water soluble multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) containing silver nanoparticles-grafted-hyperbranched polyglycerols (HPG)...

Authors: Jing Zhu, Yong Wu, Lei Zhao, Hong Liang Wei, Hui Juan Chu, Juan He

Abstract: Hexakis-(4-aminophenoxy)-cyclotriphosphazene (PN-NH2) was synthesized through nucleophilic substitution of the chloride atoms of...

Authors: Yan Wang, Rong Lin Wang, Li Xue Yu, Jing Long Bu

Abstract: Two equations with discrepancies of solid-state displacement reactions between AlN and ZrO2 were analysed by thermodynamic...

Authors: Jia Horng Lin, Ching Wen Lin, Jin Mao Chen, Ting Ting Li, Ting Wei Chang, Ching Wen Lou

Abstract: Thermoplastic composites are eco-friendly to environment. In this study, PET/PP thermoplastic composite laminates were produced by...

Authors: Ji Chu Zhang, Ze Peng Zhang, Bo Hu, Gang Liu

Abstract: In this paper, Ca2+-montmorillonite (Ca2+-Mt) was modified with cationic surfactant hexadecyl trimethyl ammonium...

Authors: Bo Hu, Ze Peng Zhang, Xiao Ming Liu, Ji Chu Zhang

Abstract: In the emulsion system, styrene, acrylate monomers and montmorillonite (Mt) were used to prepare interpenetrating polymer...

Authors: Bao Hong Tian, Hong Lei Zhou, Yi Zhang, Yong Liu

Abstract: The nano Al2O3 -Cu/Cr composite was prepared by a simplified internal oxidation technique of the vacuum hot-press...


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