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Authors: Juan Hua Su, Yan Wei Chen, Yun Yun Chen, Yu Lin Shi
Materials Machining
Abstract:In practical production, the heavy forgings of the largest diameter 1225 mm larger than its length 905 mm are unqualified for supersonic...
Authors: Jun Min Xiao, Ying Xu
Materials Machining
Abstract:Mold steel 3Cr2Mo has been used widely in manufacturing of plastic mold formed parts, owing to fine mechanical properties. However, it is...
Authors: Ze Wu, Jian Xin Deng, Yun Song Lian, Zhi Jun Wang, Jun Zhao
Materials Machining
Abstract:Micro-texturing self-lubricated cutting tools named MTR-1 and MTR-3 were designed and made based on micro-texturing lubricating idea and...
Authors: Jian Ming Yang, Hua Qiang Li, Hua Chen, Yi Qiang He, Li Chao Feng
Materials Machining
Abstract:A SiCp/Cu composite with excellent performance is prepared by using the advanced powder injection molding technology. The...
Authors: Ying Fei Ge, Jiu Hua Xu, Yu Can Fu
Materials Machining
Abstract:Tool life and tool wear, cutting forces and cutting temperature, surface finish, chip formation and surface generation were investigated when...
Authors: Guang Hui Yang, Jian Guo Cao, Jie Zhang, Xiao Qin Yin, Sheng Hui Jia, Wei Zeng
Materials Machining
Abstract:For gaining strip edge drop controllability and increasing roll grinding precision, the edge drop control work roll (EDW) was developed and...
Authors: Xin An Dang, Li Li Wang, Li Jun Yang
Materials Machining
Abstract:On the basis of technologies of gas atomization, supersonic gas atomization, surface effect of electric charge and jet, we design a new-style...
Authors: Hu Ping An, Zhi Yuan Rui, Rui Feng Wang, Jun Feng Guo
Materials Machining
Abstract:Aiming at the key problem of tool choice presented at high speed machining, this paper analyses the characteristic of existing materials of...
Authors: Zhi Hua Wang, Ming Zhu, Guang Ji Xu
Materials Machining
Abstract:In the present, by using rotating electromagnetic field (REMF) equipment, the effects of REMF for crystal growth processes in cast ZA27 alloy...
Authors: Chun Yun Li, Ying Sun, Li Chen
Materials Machining
Abstract:The effects of machining methods such as high pressure water jet cutting, laser cutting, mechanical cutting on the geometry accuracy,macro...
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