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Authors: Yu Yan Ren, Ying Min Li
Materials Forming
Abstract:Al-Mg2Si composite has such advantages as low density, high elastic modules, simple manufacture technology and low cost. However,...
Authors: Hong Feng Zhang, Shi Bang Ma
Materials Forming
Abstract:The slanted-guide-pillar core-pulling mechanism is the most commonly used side core-pulling mechanism in die-casting die. But when filling...
Authors: Xiao Feng Liu, Lian Fa Yang, Yu Xian Zhang
Materials Forming
Abstract:Hollow parts with variable cross-section are widely used in the area of automotive and aerospace industries due to their excellent...
Authors: Jun Zhao, Ji Ming Yi, Shan Ming Luo
Materials Forming
Abstract:The die accuracy and die service life reduce due to die wear during precision forming processes of steel synchronizer gear ring. The most...
Authors: Jafar Bazrafshan, A. Gorji, A. Taghizadeh Armaky
Materials Forming
Abstract:One of the most sensitive features of sheet metal forming processes is the elastic recovery during unloading, called spring-back, which leads...
Authors: Zhi Kui Wang, Qing Hui Zhu
Materials Forming
Abstract:The author introduces the method and steps of determining key parameters of spline cold-rolling die using back-stepping design method. To...
Authors: Hong Yan Ding, Mu Jian Xia, Yue Zhang, Guang Hong Zhou
Materials Forming
Abstract:It was hard to predict crack and wrinkle which are the main failure modes when drawing for the shallow tapered parts. In this paper crack and...
Authors: Bin Lin, Zhe Li
Materials Machining
Abstract:Clothing combining knitted and woven fabrics gets more and more favor of people. In this study, three knitted fabrics and three woven fabrics...
Authors: Hua Jun Wang, Yu Zhu Sun, Yan Zhao Wu, Hua Chang Wang
Materials Machining
Abstract:Hot forging die bear periodic thermal load and mechanical load during service, and bad work environment makes the service life of dies...
Authors: Li Gen Sun, Jia Quan Zhang
Materials Machining
Abstract:High casting speed would increase the occurrence probability of sticking, and make it harder for breakout signals catching. The coupled...
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