Materials Processing Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 291-294

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Lin Zhang, Yu Bo Jiang, Xue Lei Tian

Abstract: Structural analysis software for amorphous alloy has been developed. The structure factor, distribution function, the first coordination...

Authors: Zi Yu Zhao, Bi Bo Xia, Su Zhi Zhang, Li Wang

Abstract: Splat deposition is an important part influencing coating quality in plasma spray forming. Flatten behavior of a single Ni droplet falling...

Authors: Zi Yu Zhao, Bi Bo Xia, Su Zhi Zhang, Li Wang

Abstract: This paper studies the thermal interaction of Ni particle and Al particle setting in the carbon steel surface using ANSYS software by finite...

Authors: Cui Liu, Yin Hu Qu

Abstract: The characteristics of air flow inside the inner channel of a Hema-type ATY(Air-Textured Yarn) nozzle were simulated based on the...

Authors: Kai Guo Fan, Jian Guo Yang, Li Yan Yang

Abstract: In CNC machining, various errors, which caused by the cutting process and the structure of the machine tool, affect the machining accuracy...

Authors: De Liang Ren, Min Fang, Jian Li, Shen Wei Yu, Hao Guo, Fang Juan Qi

Abstract: Numerical simulation based on finite element modeling is used widely for the prediction of welding residual stress and distortion....

Authors: Lei Nie, Yu Ning Zhong, Ye Peng Zhang

Abstract: Gas bubbles entrapped in polymer intermediate layer often lead to voids which are severe defects of adhesive bonding qualities. Although the...

Authors: Hui Yu, Yong Chen, Xiang Zhong Bai

Abstract: According to the geometrical characteristic of workpiece and groove in the stretch reducing rolling process, three-dimensional...

Authors: Yong Xin Cao, Yan Fang Liu, Xiang Yang Xu, Yang Yang

Abstract: To build a dynamic vehicle model is the most important work in the field of digital virtual prototyping technology for studying on its...

Authors: Min Zhang, Chuan Zhen Huang, Sheng Sun, Yu Xi Jia, Tian Jiang Liang

Abstract: The eccentricity coextrusion flow of polymer melt was analyzed based on finite element simulations. Such simulated results as the fields of...


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