Materials Processing Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 291-294

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lin Lin, Shu Yan, Yi Nian

Abstract: The hierarchical topology of wireless sensor networks can effectively reduce the consumption in communication. Clustering algorithm is the...

Authors: Guang Lin He, Xiao Lin Li

Abstract: The influence of centerline and the cross-section variation to aerodynamic performance of the inlet was researched in a wider range. A new...

Authors: Shu Yun Wang, Xiong Gang Xie

Abstract: The stabilization of slopes by placing passive piles is one of the innovative slope reinforcement techniques in recent years. There are...

Authors: Guang Wu Ao, Ming Gang Shen, Zhen Shan Zhang

Abstract: Unidirectional solidification technology is a producing process of cast large-sized ingots industry and control the single orientation...

Authors: Re Feng So, Qian Ming Yang, Xiao Ming Wang

Abstract: The main drive shaft is one of the key component of the Hydro-Viscous Drive device. The advantage or not of the mechanics performance as the...

Authors: Xiao Yun Mu

Abstract: Based on exist algorithm for STL model slicing. We proposed an algorithm that is based on STL model coordinate layering. When loading STL...

Authors: Xin Rong Wang, Xiao Hai Li

Abstract: In this paper, analyze the motion rules of multiple-spindle linkage motion in machining complex ruled curved surfaces by WEDM. Sum up the...

Authors: Zai Chun Zhang, Gao Yan Zhong, Yong Gao

Abstract: A method for motion control and analysis of five-axis milling machine was proposed by means of simulation. The method started from solid...

Authors: Xuan Zhi Wang, Syed H. Masood, Daron Ng, Omar Dawwas

Abstract: Springback is one of main reason for inaccuracy of sheet metal formed product. Therefore prediction of springback is very important for...

Authors: Yue Jin Yuan, Yue Ding Yuan, Man Zhang, Ji Xian Dong, Xiang Dong Liu

Abstract: A pore network model for drying of grain materials was established on the base of pore network theory and transport process principle, and a...


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