Materials Processing Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 291-294

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hao Tang, Yu Zheng, Ji An Duan

Abstract: Aiming at problems of planar optical waveguide aligning and coupling multi-dimensional space sub-micron motion error, with using topology...

Authors: Xia Li, Xiao Chun Wu, Jun Wan Li, Yi Luo, Zheng Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, both the numerical simulation and the experimental test are carried out to analyze the relationship between the direction and...

Authors: Yu Wang, Zhen Luo

Abstract: Centrifugal Compressors, which offer good flow stability, compact size and high stage pressure ratio, have been widely used in helicopter...

Authors: Jiao Li, Jing Tao Zhu, Jing She Li, Li Yuan Sun

Abstract: A water modeling approach was employed to investigate the effects of gas injection condition on the fluid flow in a two-strand tundish. The...

Authors: Xi Fen Liu, Yi Hua Hu, Wei Jian Huang

Abstract: The features and functions of Autoform software for sheet metal forming simulation were introduced. Taking the auto panel as an example,...

Authors: Li Gen Sun, Jia Quan Zhang

Abstract: The embedded thermocouples have been analyzed with the consideration of their temperature effectiveness and the life of mould plates. Three...

Authors: Ying Wu Lan, Zhong Yi Cai, Ming Zhe Li

Abstract: The deformation of sheet metal in the continuous flexible forming (CFF) process is complex and the formed result is affected by many...

Authors: Wen Li, You An Xiao

Abstract: An improved optimization method on the material mixture ratio of ship stern bearing is proposed. During the optimized experiment of ship...

Authors: Yang Zhang, Sheng Qiang

Abstract: In the mass concrete structure construction, the thermal insulation material and cooling pipe are important temperature control materials to...

Authors: Hao Han Zhang, Ming Zhe Li, Wen Zhi Fu, Xue Chen

Abstract: Multi-Roll Stretch forming process is a new flexible process which is used for forming hyperbolic-degree surface pieces. Using the...


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