Materials Processing Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 291-294

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Ren Sun, Chi Bing Hu

Abstract: Control of the motion process of acceleration/deceleration (Acc/Dec) is one of key complicated problems in CNC system development. The...

Authors: Lei Cheng, Shui Sheng Xie, You Feng He, Guo Jie Huang, Yao Fu

Abstract: FEM simulation of aluminum profiles in porthole die extrusion process using Lagrange mesh description will inevitably bring mesh...

Authors: Li Bo Pan, Lin Hua, Dong Sheng Qian

Abstract: Cold ring rolling is a kind of advanced manufacturing technology. During rolling process the ring may be collapsed or deformed unexpectedly...

Authors: Gui Qing Chen, Gao Sheng Fu, Wen Duan Yan, Chao Zeng Cheng, Ze Chang Zou

Abstract: The 3003 Al alloy was deformed by isothermal compression in the range of deformation temperature 300-500 °C at strain rate 0.0l-10.0...

Authors: Gan Hua Liu, Hong Zhi Yan

Abstract: Flow stress data is important base data in using the analytical method and the finite element method to analyze the metal cutting process.In...

Authors: Xian Feng Du, Zhi Jun Li, Feng Rong Bi, Jun Hong Zhang, Xia Wang, Kang Shao

Abstract: This paper describes the structural optimization technique with FEM topography optimization technology, the design shape of engine...

Authors: Ying Tong

Abstract: The multifactor coupling simulation analysis of alien wheel forming process was performed. As for preforming and final-forming process the...

Authors: Jin Feng Wang, Shi Jie Li, Shun Cheng Fan

Abstract: Process planning and scheduling are two important manufacturing activities in the manufacturing system. In this paper, an improved genetic...

Authors: Ying Tong

Abstract: According to the shape character of some one automobile inner panel of front fender the forming steps characterized by some process combined...

Authors: Jia Zhi Ren, Guo Xin Jia, Qing Guo Feng

Abstract: For combed spun yarn of high quality, the feed amount per cycle and the bat weight have to be chosen correctly. When the feed amount per...


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